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Latest Car News

Ford Lights Widen At Junctions And Detect Body Heat
New Ford lights swivel to illuminate hazards and detect body heat.
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Car Hackers Remotely Take Control And Crash
Car crashed into ditch by hackers that remotely took control via a laptop.
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Toyota Wins Best e-Bay Store Title
Toyota wins eBay Best Branded Motors Store title and supplies manufacturer branded, guaranteed, parts for current and old models.
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Volkswagen Service Promise Explained
Volkswagen’s 9 point Service Promise Comes at no Extra Cost
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Peugeot's Latest Innovations and ‘Future Tech’
Peugeot is constantly working to equip their vehicles with the latest new technology to offer impressive driving experiences across the range.
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Government to Consider Banning HGVs from Cities
Cameron to consult Department of Transport to weigh up the logistics of a potential ban on HGV's that don't meet safety requirements.
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