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Daihatsu Terios

apost left Fuel economy of 40.4mpg is possible on long motorway trips if you're reasonably prudent with the right pedal in the manual model, while the automatic gearbox is slightly thirstier with a 39.8mpg extra urban average. This isn't bad considering the hefty 4x4 transmission the Terios is lugging around and the less than ideal aerodynamics produced by the slab-fronted off-roader shape. The engine is quite flexible for stop start urban motoring with a smooth power delivery and maximum torque of 140Nm at 4,400rpm. Large 4x4s with real off road prowess tend to ride and corner like the QE2 on choppy seas but the bouncy suspension and high riding chassis enable them to cope with the big knocks that off road vehicles are required to take. apost right Read more...

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