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Nissan Serena 2002

apost left Pay up to another £600 and you can have a younger 94L car, or, if your budget will stretch to around £2,300, you could have a 95N-plater. The 16-valve five-door GX versions are mostly N to W-platers with prices ranging from under £2,500 to £4,800. For 2.0-litre petrol Serenas, expect to pay less than £1,500 for the first five-door 1993K SLX examples. A 94L-plater will be about £1,800 and a 96N about £2,900 and late-plate 00W Excursion models are around £5,275. A diesel 2.3 will cost you at least £2,300 for the earliest 95M-reg LX five-door versions, while N-platers start at about £2,500. apost right Read more...

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