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Cyclists vs Drivers

Cyclists vs Drivers, A Difference In Perception

The world is full of different tribes, groups of people who get together and share a common interest or view. This can be anything from the game of golf to computer games to partying to a certain genre of music. recently surveyed two specific road-using tribes, who at times, donít always see eye-to-eye. The tribes were motorists and cyclists. More than 500 peopleís perceptions of other road users were logged, with questions ranging from the most annoying cycling habits to how safe cyclists feel when they are on the road.

Rather than publish the results in written form, we thought we would spice things up a little with this funky animation for you all to enjoy! The animation also has some other interesting facts we found along the way! Youíll be surprised by what we found.

Are you a cyclist or a motorist? If so, whatís your perception of fellow road users?

Motorists add your views now, cyclists feel free to add your views and replies.
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Avatar 21/03/2013 10:13:58
Sean Stewart Commented:
As much as I can see the dangers of being a cyclist and I empathise with and admire road users for getting on their bikes, I must say that there needs to be some responsibility taken by cyclists who are sharing a road that is already too small for just motor vehicles. This does not in any way refer to all cyclists but I am on a daily basis infuriated by cyclists with attitude who swerve in and out of traffic without looking behind, cycling into the path of my car whilst sneering at me or not paying attention to the road and traffic and causing damage to cars. With this in mind, their needs to be emphasis put as much on to cyclists that they are sharing the road as there is on motorists. Secondly and importantly, I think it is imperative that cyclist should have insurance. I know of two cases where a cyclist has caused over a thousand pounds worth of damage to cars by not looking where they were going and riding into the car in front. The result is the cyclist saying "I don't have the momeny to fix that mate" and the driver having to incur the cost. Things need to be fair or the dissension will continue ad infinitum.
Avatar 15/03/2013 16:33:48
martyn smith Commented:
I drive, fast, for fun. I don't think there's anything wrong with that provided its done responsibly, which I endeavour to do. I also cycle to get around, and during the latter I'm far more scared by drivers than I am by cyclists as one. This insulting bullsh*t that ignores the problem we have with poor driving around cyclists means that, instead of punishing bad drivers, ALL drivers end up being treated like morons. So thanks for that. Not.
Avatar 09/03/2013 00:10:40
Garry Hall Commented:
I am both a cyclist and a motorist.I take exception to Ian Martin's comments.Some cyclists may behave as though they are above the law but then so do many motorists(of whom more act with a sheer disregard for the law or other road users)even though they have somehow obtained a licence and are identifiable by their number plate. Try going to a Police station and reporting every dangerous manoeuvre you witness (with number plate) and you will be told they are not interested and have better things to do with their time. You could always try stopping the offending cyclist and motorist, take out YOUR copy of the Highway Code and Drivers Manual (available from the Driving Standards Agency)and point out their errors. I wish you good luck. Hopefully with an army of willing volunteers like you the roads will become a safer place for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.
Avatar 08/03/2013 10:26:01
KEN SHARP Commented:
Your video didn,t show cyclists ignoring red lights or one way signs. They are also are menace to
Avatar 07/03/2013 13:02:50
Peter Richardson Commented:
I am a regular cyclist and driver and since getting my licence 45 years ago have seen all sorts of bad road behaviour from both users. Understanding and education is the only solution to the problems that each user causes the other. One important point though is this:- when a driver hits a cyclist it results in injury or even death, whereas the driver is very rarely inconvenienced in this way. So take care drivers and remember that you are in charge of a potentially lethal weapon.
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