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Free Used Car Valuation

We all want the best price for our car. Why not use our free car valuation guide and then get an instant value for your own car right now by entering your registration number. You can then use this value to help you negotiate the best deal on your car. The car value is powered by, which is the leading tool for valuing cars, so you can be assured of a genuine fair price from the number 1 data source.

You can even print this price off and take it to your dealer, where you may be able to negotiate a better price, with the knowledge that you gained.

Used Car Price Guide

Used car prices are dictated not just by the mileage of the car, but also what optional extras and condition the vehicle is in. We give you three values for your car, based on the following:

Private Sale - Price you would expect to pay buying the vehicle privately.
Trade In - Price you would expect to receive when trading this vehicle in.
Auction - Price you would expect to pay at an auction.

Dealers are always searching for quality used cars for stock. To make sure you get the best guide price for your car, always present it in a way that makes the car look as clean and tidy as possible.

Value My Car

There are other sources of car valuations on the web, most of which charge for a value. But for a genuine, free car value try a car valuation now.

Parkers Guide Valuations

Parkers Guide offer a service where you get a non-mileage adjusted value based on average mileage for your used car. You can upgrade to a premium service or pay to use an online App.

Glass's Guide Used Car Valuation Service

Glass's Guide is the original car buying service, and is used by most of the car dealer community as a trusted source for used car valuations. Glass's Guide have an online service which is priced at £3.75 per valuation.

AA Car Valuation

The AA Car Valuation is provided free of charge to AA members, and is based on Glass Guide. You simply enter your AA member number and start the process online by choosing your make and model. There is no option to enter your registration number to receive your value.

AutoTrader Car Valuations

Autotrader car values cost £3.50 and are provided by CAP. CAP is used by dealers in addition to Glass's Guide to compare prices on used cars. CAP and Glass Guide values can differ by a considerable amount, and some dealers use one or the other to gauge the price of your car.


Webuyanycar do exactly that. They give you a value for your car online, and you take it to one of their centres to complete the transaction. When you take your car to them, they do a full appraisal, and you may find that your are offered less thant the online price guide. According to press reports, they buy thousands of cars every week, from £50 to £100,000.


The original car buying service specialising in cars up to 6 years old and up to 80,000 miles. Wewillbuyyourcar give you an online car valuation, and collect your car direct from your door.


Carspotter is a text based car value guide, where you send your registration number by shortcode, and are returned the car value by text. Prices are based on average mileage and cost is up to £4.50.