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New Aston martin Cars For Sale

"The name is Bond, James Bond – and I have an Aston Martin". That sentence alone is enough to make every wannabe spy on the planet raid his government pension to purchase such a vehicle. The brand, after all, will forever be associated with this handsome secret agent that is constantly surrounded by wealth, luxury and beautiful women (I hate him too). So, even if the cars were slow – even of they were unrefined – and even if they were outclassed by their rivals – there would still be a cue of men in fancy suits lining up to spend their money. But Aston Martin is more than an extra in a few films. The brand has a rich sporting history to boost its status and has produced some of the best looking cars ever to grace the forecourts. Models from the sixties and seventies spring to mind more than the newer alternatives. Furthermore its cars – whether new or old – are tremendous fun on the road. The raw power and thumping engine noise ensures that. And then the motorist's ego is boosted by the admiring glances from those that have to tolerate far lesser machinery. It is impossible to drive such a car without attracting attention. No wonder James Bond gets so many girlfriends.

New modes – such as the Aston Martin V12 Vantage and Aston Martin Rapide - are so expensive that they are best funded by a secret government department. The only exception is the Aston Martin Cygnet which is based on the Toyota IQ (city car). The purpose of this pint-sized plaything is to reduce the manufacturer's average carbon emission figure – and that is something James Bond is passionate about. On the other hand, fairly modern second-hand examples such as the DB7 can be picked-up for the price of a new family car. But be warned. Unlike their resale price that falls quickly the running

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