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New Audi Cars For Sale

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New Audi Cars For Sale

Audi is one of a handful of manufacturers that produces a vast range of prestigious, affordable and top-notch cars for non-billionaires. In fact, even those with less than a million can climb behind the wheel of these fashionable lifestyle statements. Audi's vehicles – as a rule of thumb – tend to have more subtle styling than most of their competitors. There are not yards and yards of shiny trim, for example (with a few high profile exceptions) But the company's typically understated styling helps it appeal to those that want nice cars but have no interest in being noticed, admired and drooled over by their neighbours. This philosophy helps the vehicles blend into the background which is handy in car parks. Nobody, after all, relishes the thought of leaving an expensive car that stands out like a lighthouse alone and unguarded. That is inviting trouble which is something owners of more glitzy cars can testify to. Furthermore, the company's products tend to feel beautifully screwed together which inspires confidence and ensures that serious reliability problems are the exception, not the rule. That is very important as posh cars can be complicated and expensive to repair (even for billionaires).

Right, let us consider the manufacturer's range. The Audi A4 Saloon is a compact executive vehicle that rivals the BMW 3 Series, etc. There have been numerous incarnations over the years such as the version that hit the streets in 2008. This is a highly accomplished workhorse that has tremendous handling and is available with a wide range or powerful, yet fuel efficient, engines. Second-hand prices reflect these credentials – but it is easily within reach of non-millionaires. This generation is also available as an estate (Avant). Furthermore, those with less money in the bank might prefer its predecessor which is still capable despite its age. Moving through the range we find the Audi A6 (2011 onwards) and the Audi A8 (2010 onwards) which rival the BMW 5 Series and 7 Series, respectively. Both have supreme handing under a wide range of conditions and feel exceptionally refined. There is plenty of equipment too. Their predecessors are also fantastic and can be keenly priced considering their impressive credentials. Other prospects include Cabriolets (A3 Cabriolet and A5 Cabriolet) coupés (TT and RS 5) and four-wheel-drives (Q7). There is also the Audi R8 which is a ferociously fast supercar that can match a Ferrari FF from 0-62. Not the best buy if you want 'subtle'.

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