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Let us start with a question: what type of motorist has a hot-hatch with tinted windows and a stereo loud enough to annoy everyone within five-hundred yards? Chances are, the image that pops to mind is of a young person that wears his trousers so low that they expose his underwear. Not a nice thought. In contrast, who prefers an executive saloon with leather seats and a posh badge? This is more likely to be an older professional that wears polo necks and ruins nice walks in the countryside by simultaneously playing golf. Then there are seven-seater people carriers. Such machinery is favoured by those that spend their lives at the school gates waiting to collect their army of children. Oh, the torture. The point is that most vehicles – rightly or wrongly – are most associated with a specific "type" of motorist. But what about MINI? This company's cars are loved by everyone from boy racers to little old ladies irrespective of wealth and status. They are classless and unpretentious – so very few motor manufacturers have such a varied fan base. This has been the case since the first version hit the streets in the late fifties.

Second-hand buyers choose from a wide range of vehicles. Classic hatchbacks – that were once so cheap they were the standard choice of skint teenagers – are now worth healthy sums. It is best to recognise this rather than fight it, then purchase a properly sorted example in preference to something that is likely to be costly long term. At least those that choose the latter can easily/cheaply source parts. And there is one more reason to aim high. There are thousands of motorists – from boy racers with stereos to executives with golf clubs - that look at classics and say “I would love one of those”. But very few reach for their wallets and commit potentially large sums to cars that are likely to be weekend toys. As such, potential owners have to recognise that such machinery might be hard to sell in the future – so make this process easier by buying the best of the best. You get what you pay for. Motorists that prefer more modern cars choose from the MINI Hatch (2006 to 2013), MINI Clubman (2007 onwards), MINI Convertible (2009 onwards), MINI Countryman (2010 onwards), MINI Coupé (2011 onwards) and the MINI Paceman (2013 onwards). Boy racers, executive golf lovers and little old ladies never had it so good.

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