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New Ford C-MAX Cars For Sale

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Do You Need A Small About Town Kind Of Car?

If you do then the cheap new Ford C-Max cars we’ve got on offer here could fit the bill perfectly. And when we say cheap we mean cheap – just check out the prices! You can be on the road and away for less money than you might think. And with all the neat extras Ford cars have tucked away inside, you won’t be left wanting for anything.

You might be surprised too to see that these are five door models. For a small car it certainly packs a lot of space inside. The word versatile comes to mind as you won’t be struggling to fit everything inside, and yet you can expect to park this new Ford car quickly and easily at the same time. Wouldn’t you love a car like that? If you would then we have a wide range of cheap new Ford C-Max cars you can browse through right here and now. They’re all listed right opposite.

You’ve got a good choice of engine size on this cheap Ford as well. New Fords in the C-Max range have anything from a 1.6 litre to a 2 litre engine. So you won’t be left wanting when it comes to power. And with CO2 emissions ranging from just 119g/km and up, you won’t have to worry about the effect your new Ford has on the environment either.

If you need a little assistance in buying Ford, we can offer you some good car leasing options if that would suit you. Otherwise we have some great car finance deals on Fords right across the range. In short we’ve got the Ford cars and the means to buy them, so why wait?

Check out the C-Max new Ford model now, and see whether it adds up to the car you have been searching for.

At we’re committed to helping you buy from the best dealers at the best prices.

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  • You’re dealing with a genuine car dealer.
  • Your deposit is safe.
  • The dealer has a consumer credit licence.
  • Where appropriate they are authorised by the Financial Services Authority.
  • Plus we update their offers every single day.
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