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Searching For A Family Car With A Little Something Extra?

The new Ford Focus might just do the trick. This is a well known make of cheap Ford car, and although it isn’t the cheapest one in the whole range you will get even more for your money on this new Ford model.

From a 1.4 litre engine right up to a 1.8 model, you’ve got plenty of choice and lots to look forward to if you decide that cheap new Ford Focus cars are the ones for you. The styling of this cheap Ford is unmistakeable, and with the chance to buy a three door or a five door model it doesn’t matter if you constantly need to get the family in and out of the back seats or not. The new Ford Focus can make life so much easier for you.

But take a look at the prices. As you can see from the impressive list of cheap new Ford Focus cars on the left of the page, there are basic models available for an unbelievably low price. From there it’s just a question of asking yourself which other features you want to add on, and how much more cash you are willing to spend. For example a turbo diesel Zetec new Ford Focus gives you a lot more power for very little extra cash.

And with our great car finance on Fords – as well as the option to go for car leasing instead – you’ve got plenty of choices and lots to think about before you choose the right new Ford to park in your drive.

Oh, and did we mention the fact that all these cheap Fords have great mileage to the gallon? Check out each individual model but be aware that the CO2 emissions are also pretty low. If you want to buy Ford you should definitely consider the Ford Focus.

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  • Your deposit is safe.
  • The dealer has a consumer credit licence.
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  • Plus we update their offers every single day.
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