About Index

Our used car desirability index shows how sought after your car is within the market. Essentially, whether there is a high or low demand for it.

The index identifies specific trends within the vehicle marketplace and presents it to you in an easy-to-understand format.

How is the Used Car Desirability Index worked out?

We value a lot of cars. In fact, every month around 50,000 unique motorists trust us to provide them with an accurate and completely free valuation. In addition we monitor the values of over 500,000 vehicles within our MyMotoring hub.

Because we value so many, we get a very accurate overview of what our users are looking to buy and what they're looking to sell; supply and demand.

Once we have collated the data, we can then work out which way the market is heading for each specific model.

Let's say 20,000 Ford Fiestas are valued, of which 2,000 people are looking to buy, compared to 18,000 looking to sell. If you’re looking to buy, now’s a good time, prices will be lower. However, if you're looking to sell, it might be worth waiting.

So, how desirable does your car look?

What's next?

We want to build the most comprehensive used car desirability index of its kind. Over the coming months we'll bring you a breakdown by things like brand, bodystyle, vehicle age, fuel type, region and season.