7. Audi Q3

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The Audi Q3 is back to disturb the small posh crossover market and this new model certainly looks menacing. Firstly, you’ll notice the aggressive and sharp new front grille which is being rolled out across the Audi range. Then, inside, the Q3 now boasts a level of equipment and technology that puts the rest of the market to shame. Audi hasn’t gone fully touch screen, but there are two customisable, large, colourful displays to present the vital information to the driver, but there is also physical button functionality for some of the more simplistic interior features, such as the heating. It’s not overcomplicated, it’s just practical. The new Q3 is slightly bigger than the old model, but only just and this shouldn’t put off any buyers. It’s still similar in size to the BMW X1, Volvo XC40 and Jaguar E-Pace. The new Q3 is on sale now with prices from £30,805.