Premium Plug-In Hybrids You'll Want to Be Seen Driving

The price of fuel, the environmentalists beating down your door, your children’s future…there might be a few reasons for us all to consider leaving our petrol or diesels in the past. You do not, however, have to go fully charged into an all-electric car just yet.

One of the biggest advantages of a hybrid car over a petrol powered car is that it runs cleaner and has better mpg which makes it environmentally friendly. HEVs are supported by many credits and incentives that help to make them affordable, lower annual tax bills and exemption from congestion charges. HEVs are also equipped with regenerative braking, each time you apply brakes while driving, a hybrid vehicle helps you to recharge your battery a little.

More people are turning towards HEVs. The result is that these green vehicles have started commanding higher than average resale values. So, in case you are not satisfied with your vehicle, you can always sell it at a premium price.

Now all of that sounds great but what about the opinion that most EVs and HEVs are personality-free and have looks that even their mother would wince at? Well read on and prepare to be dazzled, because here are 5 PHEVs you’ll want to be seen driving…