Summer 2015 Emergency Budget – What It Means for Motorists

In George Osborne’s five years as Chancellor of the Exchequer, he has delivered numerous budgets. Perhaps, none were more important than when he stood up in the House of Commons this afternoon.

It was the first budget to follow the conservative win at the General Election in May and Osborne was free from any Liberal Democrat influence. It was also the first full-conservative budget in just under 20 years.

Prior to the budget, a poll of over 25,000 AA members found that 73% said they feared a post-election rise in motoring taxes.

It’s not exactly hard to see why. Currently, over 10% of all UK tax comes from motorists’ pockets and UK voters with cars and other vehicles currently pay around £27bn in fuel duty per year. That’s more than UK businesses pay in business rates and equivalent to 97.5% of what is collected in council tax! (Budget Report 2015)

Find out what was in this Summer’s emergency budget and how it affects you.