9. KIA pro_cee'd GT - £24,025

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The Pro_cee’d GT positions itself as a coupe instead of a hatchback, a bit like Volkswagen did with the Scirocco, but let’s be clear, both are hatchbacks. This new KIA is really something to behold though, as it doesn’t conform to the usual hot-hatch stereotypes. It’s not hugely loud or attention seeking in its appearance ‘nor exhaust volume and, like all KIAs, it comes with a massive 7 year/ 100,000-mile warranty. Interestingly, the 1.6 turbo petrol engine puts out a Fiesta rivalling 200 horsepower, but this isn’t Fiesta size and that figure is about 50 horsepower behind where it needs to be, among the Astra VXR, Focus ST and so on. KIA isn’t trying to compete with these cars though, instead, they want a sporty-enough, well built, reliable and still exciting hatchback that will happily satisfy the market as a niche option. On all of these counts, KIA has succeeded. The Pro_Cee’d GT is on sale now from the extremely reasonable price of just £24,025.