6. Mitsubishi Outlander

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The Outlander is one of the best selling hybrid cars in Europe thanks to just how much it can offer SUV drivers. Firstly, the Mitsubishi is now a delightful car to look at thanks to revisions to the front end. The Outlander has also been vastly improved inside the cabin where you’ll now find loads of leather, a high tech centre console and an awful lot of space. The Outlander PHEV looks like a pretty big car from the outside but it feels like a mansion once you’re inside. This car has sold so well since its inception because it just makes sense. On a full charge you can achieve up to 28 miles of electric-only driving at speeds up to 30 mph, and when driven correctly you can see efficiency figures around the 139 mpg mark. The Outlander is actually really affordable too. You can pick up a brand new model for as little as £35,815 which is great value for a car this size.