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£100 Fine For Tailgating And Middle Lane Hogging

Fixed Penalty Notice Scheme Extended

The government plans to introduce a £100 fixed penalty notice for careless driving offences such as tailgating and hogging the middle lane. Perpetrators will also receive three penalty points on their licences which could increase their insurance premiums, make them harder to employ and be embarrassing. The on-the-spot penalty will also relate to poor behaviour such as cutting-up vehicles, etc. However, motorists will have the chance to side-step their endorsements if they attend courses that emphasises the potential consequences of careless driving. Furthermore, it is thought that expanding the fixed penalty notice scheme will save police time. Why? Because it will reduce the number of cases that go to court which minimises paperwork, etc. However, the more serious offenders – or motorists that choose to contest – will still have to face the bench.

Minister Discusses £100 Fixed Penalty Notice For Careless Driving

Road Safety Minister, Stephen Hammond, explained: “Careless drivers are a menace and their negligence puts innocent people’s lives at risk. That is why we are making it easier for the police to tackle problem drivers by allowing them to immediately issue a fixed penalty notice rather than needing to take every offender to court.”

Chief Constable Discusses £100 Fixed Penalty Notice For Careless Driving

Chief Constable Suzette Davenport, the Association of Chief Police Officers National Lead for Roads Policing in England and Wales, added: “The new penalties are absolutely necessary to deal with drivers who are putting people’s lives at risk and police will not hesitate to enforce them.” She added: “These measures should also act as a reminder to careless drivers that their behaviour will not be tolerated. The vast majority of drivers are law abiding - but some are still not getting the message. We said we would get tougher on those who make our roads dangerous and that is exactly what we have done.”

Fixed Penalty Scheme Price Rises

The cost of fixed penalty notices for other motoring offences will rise too. As such:

- a non-endorsable (where the driver does not receive points on his/her licence) £30 fixed penalty notice will rise to £50

-an endorsable (where points are given) £60 and non-endorsable fixed penalty notice will rise to £100

an endorsable £120 fixed penalty notice will rise to £200 the fixed penalty notice for driving without insurance will rise from £200 to £300.

Commercial policing does not make safer roads, surely speed cameras proved this when some counties took advantage to get massive revenues without improving road safety. I am quite certain this new law will catch out safe and sensible drivers who will have no defence since most people do not have cameras or radar equipment on board to capture speeds and distances.

First of all what planet are you on Watson , if a truck all of a sudden loses air the brakes come on !!!! First of all if a truck has a air leak the driver would refuse to drive the bloody thing, that's why vehicle checks are done 2: have you got of driver cpc ?? Do you hold a hgv?? Probably not , 3: trucks are governed to 56mph so when over taking you get back in to the inside lane as soon as it's safe to do so with holding people up in cars or slowing down other vehicles. Right let's get to the point this government is money making move by them and it's about time people that drive in this country to no way not happening, regards to it cutting accidents never going to happen, as there's alway some bam that's driving at 40 in a 70 and hgv drivers need to avoid so...people time to start thinking that its not the ones that's traveling around the legal limit but the ones that drive slow , If I stand correct that in Germany they book drivers for going to slow as that tends to be the times when accidents happen or when some dafty drives to slow . From what I read in this & your post why don't you's change you names to rover , do roll overs and get your balls felt coz this is what's happening because people like you all agree on the Internet and it gives do good Minster oh this is a good idea, my ass it is just poxy government taking all they can get from us

It amazes me how people are so ignorant of the law and other people - how can you not realise that hogging the middle lane, (and therefore causing congestion, plus breaking the law!), is not just selfish - it also shows you have no idea what is going on around you! - Its just tunnel vision, I'm alright Jack, stuff the rest of you! - I absolutely welcome these new powers and just hope they enforce them with a heavy handed approach! Anything that attempts to improve the terrible general road skills of the public has to be a good thing!

In this country we drive on the left. All the other lanes are overtaking lanes and not for lazy or careless drivers to hog! Tailgaiting and failing to keep a safe distance are not just discoureous but totally dangerous. Articulated lorrys who like to travel nose to tail are also dangerous - if the one in front suddenly 'loses its air' the brakes come on immediately and you have a massive pile up. Fixed penalties and points on the licence for these offences.

I cant agree that the middle lane is the lane to stay inwhen the inside lane is also clear. The justification for this being the safest lane in case of a blow-out, etc is wrong. Being in the middle lane means that it something goes wrong, you have only the outside lane then the central barrierthen oncoming traffic! Staying in the eft hand lane when possible means that you still have the safety of another lane on your left that isnt used and should be safe to head for (the hard shoulder) and TWO lanes on your right giving you much more safe space around you than hogging the middle lane will ever do. Those that are advocates of the centre lane only club (CLOB ers) need to think a bit harder.

Agree with John and Fred .... First lane for enter/leave M`way and slow traffic ; 70mph traffic middle and outside lanes (and increase excessive speeding penalty !

I agree with Fred Commonsense, apart from the fact that when 3 lanes are quiet, driving in the middle lane gives more manoevering space in the event of a tyre blow out.

As usual a bunch of armchair critiques have suggestions and comments that are totally self centred, in view of the fact that no one has even considered as to how any scheme is to implemented and who is to monitor and how are the perpetrators brought to book!!!

Picking up on Ken Edward's comment. The inside lane should be for slow vehicles, entering the motorway and exiting the motorway. The middle and outside lanes should be for 'normal' vehicles doing 70mph! If this isn't the law - it should be!!

Comment on John Williams: What is the definition of "hogging the middle lane". I cannot think of one that is not arbitrary and therefore liable to constant legal challenge, by 'normal' motorists who travel at 70 mph and do not see any point in dodging in and out of the nearside lane. This is the whole point! Dodging in and out, as you put it, is lane discipline, not being out in an outside lane unnecessarily!

I totally agree with John Williams comments. If common sense is to prevail, you should be able to drive in ANY lane as long as you are doing 70 mph. It is the vast number of drivers who break the speed limit that cause the problem. If everyone were doing 70 mph there wouldn't be a problem.

Sometimes one has to tailgate before overtaking a slower vehicle. Also I move to the middle lane before junctions to allow incoming traffic room to join. How long is the distance allowed for middle lane "hogging"? As for the fines, it will soon be too expensive for private motorists to own and drive a car. Is this the plan?

I think its a good idea,but you must fine people for not pulling over into the third lane to allow you to pull out,this is one off the reasons for lane Hogging.On a duel motorway,lorries should not be permitted to overtake and slow drivers must not be allowed to drive less than the lorries,i have noticed more lorries speed limiters have been reduced now down to 53mph on average,this isnt helping either!!

What is the definition of "hogging the middle lane". I cannot think of one that is not arbitrary and therefore liable to constant legal challenge, by 'normal' motorists who travel at 70 mph and do not see any point in dodging in and out of the nearside lane.

Must agree with Robert, it is an offence under s.3 RTA, driving without due care and attention or consideration for other road users. But this should give the CLOC (nice acronym) mob fair warning they stand to be fined for their stupidity/selfishness.

This is stupid, how can the police keep up with middle lane hogger's, have they seen the M1. And if there going to prosecute drivers for hogging the middle lane then all I can say is I hope Eddie Stobart and all the lorries that love to over take the first / slow lane have deep pockets because they should be charged first. I for one only Hogg the middle to get past bloody lorry drivers over taking other lorries. As for the tailgate well then van and BMW drivers will need to pay up on that one.

Yet another tax increase from our loving government ohh I ment MONEY loving government. This won't change a thing but to only give our profit run police force another means of hitting us the tax paying people with more fine's, because let's be honest, all they won't is our money. All this really is, is yet more ways to restrict our comon right to travel, we pay for the roads, we pay for our insurance, we pay for our road tax, we pay for our fuel and also pay for the boys in blue who will make a judgement on there own as to what they think these new statues actually are and remember its your word against there's, and who do you think's going to be wright ...

Well what a mixed set of comments, having just returned from oz where the general rule is you drive at the speed limit on duel and motorways!! that is everybody, most cars are equipped with cruise control so every body travels at the same speed, there for traffic flows are a lot more fluid and you actually get fined for driving to slowly or to fast,, yes there are the idiots out there who usually end up nicked by police who don't mess about... just food for thought.

why do they always hit the driver the easy touch slap wrist for the murderers and drug dealers and thieving mps over paid con men

Only when the fine for driving without insurance is greater than the cost of insurance will people get insurance (which will also have the knock-on effect of reducing insurance!); the fine should be ring-fenced to aid those who suffer as the result of uninsured drivers (unless the victim has also been an uninsured driver within, say, the last 5 years, in which case they get nothing from this fund).

Karen: if you've got a trailer and they're doing 60mph what's your problem: the speed limit when pulling a trailer *IS* 60 mph (unless you're wanting to break the law and speed, in which case why not also break the law and use the outside lane?). CLOCs (Centre Lane Owners' Club) are already comitting offences of causing an unecessary obstruction (when driving slower than traffic that cannot use lane 3 when lane 1 is clear), and/or driving without due care and attention (it seems to be the reason they sit there in lane 2 is that they are unobservant of what the traffic is doing around them - going straight into lane 2 and sitting there until they want to leave the road and only then returning to lane 1; during that time they have effectively gone to sleep (with regard to being observant of what's going on around them and to faster vehicles coming up behind them) and are less likely to react quickly if necessary in an emergency). If the existing laws were properly enforced, new laws would not be necessary, (eg with proper enforcement of no waiting and no loading YELLOW lines, RED lines are not really nedded.)

can someone please explain why it is only a £300 fine for driving without insurance, surely a more appropriate penalty would be a minimum of 5 years in prison!

What a load of pretentious self-important rubbish! This is yet another excuse for Government cash enrichment where it is clearly not necessary. For God's sake, how much more are we to endure this never-ending sort of repression from the state under the pseudo guise of 'Elf and Sifety!'What a happy and carefree society we used to live in , in the Sixties, compared to now!!

I would like to think that, once the new penalties are in force, we will no longer see many police drivers hogging the overtaking lane, when the first/ second lanes are clear!

You all must know who you are. Sit in the middle of three lanes, or the outside of two, when the inside is clear. Worst, perhaps, of all, is where we are blessed with 4 lanes e.g. some sections of the M25, you are sat in the third lane! Get over or get fined. You deserve it. And it might just make you think more about your driving.

It is impractical to use the nearside lane as it cannot be used for decent progress due to bad surface ripples in many places, and it is dangerous to swap in and out every truck, the authorities know this so the poor motorist is again used as a cash cow!! so if you are being tail gated it is your own fault as you are driving slower than the following vehicles and you are definitely not checking your rear view mirror every 10 seconds or so. The problem is our motorways need more lanes and minimum speeds, and I can't see anything wrong with using the middle lane as long as you keep an eye on the mirror and quickly move over to let faster traffic through when the outside is occupied, which it should not be for long, unless there is another Jaguar driver sat in it at 70 mph with the twisted reasoning that I am doing the legal limit therefore nobody should pass me, it is not up to any numpty to try to enforce speed restrictions on other drivers, and drivers who block the outside lane should be the first to be prosecuted for holding up traffic.

I have just been reading some of the comments, and am amazed at the number of people who think the OUTSIDE LANE (the fast lane to the real idiots) is the overtaking lane. NO BOTH THE MIDDLE AND OUTSIDE LANES ARE OVERTAKING LANES and only used if overtaking

As a trained advanced driver and former advanced driver trainer i Hope this only applies to motorways and dual carriageways as to get in a position to overtake on a single carriageway two laned road one needs to get close enough to the car in front to be able to be in a position to execute the overtake safely and keep within the speed limit. Having to stay too far back is confusing and requires additional speed.

Hundred pounds fine for Tailgating what a joke that is ,When you think your in your car and look into your mirror and see a great artic up your you know what .It should be a thousand pound fine for some of these idiots because tailgating like this can cost lives,A high fine would also act as a warning to others.

M42. Lorries in inside lane; car doing 68mph or so in middle lane; I'm on cruise control at 70. When I pull out tom overtake the road is clear behind me; but by the time I return to the middle lane I have a vehicle nearly attached to my rear bumper who has caught up with me at goodness knows what speed. When he has gone past me he pulls into the middle lane, catches my eye in his mirror and takes both hands off the wheel - at 70 mph - to offer sarcastic applause to me for sticking to the speed limit. Who's the dangerous driver? So many problems on motorways would be eliminated if people adhered to the speed limit.

Chris... don't be torsser. We know it is technically not road tax but for all intents and purposes you and I and everyone else know that Vehicle Excise Duty is commonly referred to ( albeit erroneously) as Road Tax or Car Tax. If you got nothing better to do than correct us simpletons maybe you should go drive in the middle lane you pedantic idiot. You make me sick... I am betting you are probably impotent and balding. As for the highway code... There is a duty on us all to keep up to date OR HAVE YOU NOT READ THAT BIT IN THE CODE YOU TIIT!!??

And another thing!!! I have a trailer on my car lots of the time and as I can not go into the third lane with a trailer I am stuck behind you idiots as you drive at 60mph chatting away.... ignorant idiots

New laws great. I've just read more rubbish from the comments so far. First there is no such thing as road tax. Second read the Highway Code. Why are we all so selfish when we get in our cars? Driving is probably the mist technical task most of us do on a daily basis and its a farce that we don't have to update our skills or knowledge for 53 yrs. and then if you make it to that great age if 70 ( despite your lousy driving) you only have to fill another form out? Crazy world.

What Idiots. Middle lane hoggers should be banned from motorways. They clog up the roads and have no consideration for others. The law is not suggesting in out in out in heavy congested areas so to suggest it is is pants... TMy experience is you always have idiots stuck to the middle lane coz they are doing 70mph and it is their right!!! Bot anymore matey!

Tailgating (good), middle lane(no good) However the main problem with this is speed cameras 10 - Police 0................who is going to enforce dangerous at present no one does.

I get well sick of hog gets. Ok so you are going at 70 mph in the fast lane while nothing is in the slow lane so nobody should be overtaking - but you have no right to enforce that on others who have free will. Plus when you get chatting and gradually slow down to 60 I have to either sit behind or undertake. I would rather do neither - undertaking particularly is extremely dangerous. The comment on let's do what the Germans do cos they have fewer accidents - they conduct on the spot fines for pretty much every offence and have been doing for years!!! If you can't pay there and then the fine is increased. If you can't evidence your identity you are arrested. Clearly works for them!!

The law on motorway driving is dangerous in my view. It dictates that once you have overtaken you return to the inside lane next. But if the motorway is busy this maneuver becomes far more dangerous. Every lane change is far more dangerous than maintaining current common speed of the vehicle in front. I seriously object to this new dictate for my own safety and others on the road. Tailgating should be stamped on though. I also object to this move towards fixed penalty, to me it as become a form of easy extortion by the government.

Middle Lane Hogging, I thought the middle lane was the fast lane and the outside lane was for over taking, and the inside lane was for slow vehicles. Or have i got that wrong.

a fine for hogging the middle lane or tailgating or sloppy driving,why don't they add good driving to that.i've never heard so much rubbish in all my's ridiculous and's just another way of getting easy money off the motorist and for what,money for the if we don't pay enough in our road taxes,increasing petrol prices etc etc.what next

I would like to Ecco the points raised by other drivers that the police would use this as a way of hitting targets. I feel that too much pressure is placed on the plolice to hit targets for motoring offences. If you look at places like Germany they have a much different way of policing the roads and would seem to have fewer fatalities. So my suggestion is look at what other country's do and how effective their strategies are then adopt them.

Too right too! Should add to that inconsiderate driving and parking like no indication at junctions and roundabouts as well as parking at junctions and near to trafic islands. Middle lang hogging is so annoying and the general perception of people like Tony Till that it is a lane for people going a little bit faster than an HGV is what causes motorways to be congested with lane 1 devoid of any vehicles!

I submit that driving in the middle lane) of a 3 lane motorway) where there is no vehicle attempting to overtake or move from the left lane into the middle lane is not "lane hogging". This is a much safer approach than frequent switching between the left and middle lane and better aids a smooth traffic flow. A fuller definition of the term is needed.

What would be best would be to just legalize Under taking There would be no need for tailgating or education just a national tv ad. Im the poor sod that get stuck in lane 1 or 2 because I have a trailer and cannot get past the middle lane hogger as Im not allowed in lane three.

The idea of imposing fines for driving in the middle lane for prologned periods is ridiculous. As another reviewer said, the inside lane is normally full of lorries and when it's not the road is frankly dangerous to drive in due to the deep tram lanes caused by these vehicles. People avoid the inside lane because of the lane quality. How are they planning on policing this? Surely the idea is to cut down on wasted police time not increase it?

I am concerned that the police will nick anyone in the middle lane (to meet their inevitable targets) rather than just the driver at the front of each group of cars that is holding up everyone else. We really need to see the detailed legislation on this matter to ensure it is fit for purpose.

What happens when the inside lane is full of potholes and ruts caused by HGVs , weather and lack of maintenance.

seems like to me to get more money out of the motorist. every one will be on the inside lane with the hgv/s to frightened to go in the middle lane thought middle lane was for med driving outside lane to over take still other two lanes wont get worn out less repairs for them to do. what with the petrol /potholes motourist will never win

What a coincidence, the goverment are short of cash again! Poor motorists the politicans favourite cash cow gets milked again! I agree we need to deal with these issues but fines are not the answer. Education is whats needed.

this new ruling as so so many new ones are the cause of most accidents and accidents will always happen no matter how many rules you lot bring out as it is its clear slow lane normal 70 mph lane [middle] and of course the overtaking lane that everyone loves you yet have to explain what hogging is and im sure whoever wrote the word hogging loves it and now its been used to nget more out of our pockets and our bank accountsin the past 10 years so many new laws and rules have been introduced by ppl at the top that dont even drive a car and theyr the ones telling us how to drive?? haha wake up ppl this is nothing more than getting more money as they have bin planning this a long time since they been putting up cameras everymotorway for the last 5 years dont they realize that all these rules and regulation is the cause of all the traffic and accidentsthats been caused by confusion and overthinking tryin to keep to the laws that are too many for all motorists to remember whilst trying to get to their destinations

£100 fine is not nearly enough for these bad (and dangerous) drivers. But driving instructors today seem to fall short on correct teaching so perhaps we should start at the beginning.