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£6-£9 BP car wash for 50p

BP is offering something back to customers, a car wash for just 50p.

BP is offering something back to customers, a car wash for just 50p. To take up this offer all you have to do is simply register on the BP website.

Not all BP garages are participating but approximately one hundred and sixty five nationwide will be and the offer stands until Monday 8th July. If you log on to the BP website a full list of stations is available and you can check if there is one local to you.

You can choose from an express wash which is usually £3, a super wash which is normally £6 or the top premium wash priced normally at £9, the premium wash is only available at around 60 sites.

Once you have registered your details on the BP site you can download the voucher and print it off or if you are unable to print you can show your voucher on your smartphone at the participating garage.

Make sure you check your nearest BP is participating and will accept the voucher before making a special journey. You may as well get the best wash possible as you'll only pay 50p, even for the pricier premium clean.

Pay 50p for a car wash at participating BP garages or download a full list here


A great wash every time.

bp is best petrol station and gives good offers

Free car wash

great value


Gr8 for the car my kids love the car wash!!

Kids will do this to !

Great Offer !

whear site to bedford

Sounds too good to be true

I've not got a printer so ill be using my I phone

I cannot print off the car wash voucher

I used this voucher for a premium wash - brilliant My car looks all new again my daughter and son are using the offer as well

3 miles away from me - brilliant thanks

haha i knew there would be a catch i put post code in and the nearest particapating garage was over a hundred miles away

Like the North East Plymouth is 100 miles from the nearest site in Weymouth. who says living in the South West is cheap

Very useful to us living up in the North East of England, the nearest one must be 150 miles away at least.

Nearest store is 71 miles away. Would cist more in fuel to get there than in money saved. Then if course would need fuel for return journey. Bt which time my brand new newly cleaned car would be dirty again. Hmm. Let me think about this one a bit.

I like this offer

excellent offer

It is a very exciting offer and will also help to increase sales at B P

Why don't mrs companies do this kind of thing?

great price love it

nice one


great edinburgh included

i am in willington road south

As normal - nothing repeat nothing in the West Country!!

good deal

ihavejustcomebackfromabpcarwash@£3thenisawyouroffer butwehave2othercars!!

Im in luton, beds.


I live in Wales too Mark. BP Garage is 76 miles away!

Unlucky for the others below, mine is less than a mile from my house..happy days!

Brill I'm in the forces shame we can't more perks like this

I am not driving 51 miles to have my car washed then 51 miles back to find it ready to be washed again, are you stupid thick or what?

Is this BP having a joke? The nearest ont to York is in Lincolnshire... Probably BP think that Britain stops at the M25 - the 'London' mentallity shared by MPs ant the rest of the layabouts, although it is noted that they have gone to some lengths to avoid upsetting the Scots

1 garage in the whole of Wales.

Why is my nearest participating garage 29 miles away?!

my car would love a wash

Working on BP contracts I should get a free car wash every week

great offer

Good thing to promote BP products

The nearest participating stations to me were listed as Stoke or Kendal..............not much use when you live in North Yorkshire.

Good Luck ! BP website famously dysfunctional.

Good offer

Never used bp car wash before

very cheap for 50p car wash.

Great idea