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ŠKODA Yeti Production Hits 500,000 Milestone: Team Photo

ŠKODA Yeti production hits 500,000 vehicle milestone and factory staff celebrate with a team photo next to the historic vehicle.

ŠKODA Yeti Hits 500,000 Production Milestone In Czech Republic

ŠKODA Yeti production hit its 500,000 vehicle milestone at the Kvasiny Plant in the Czech Republic and staff celebrated by taking a team photograph.

The Yeti is a compact, sports utility class, vehicle launched in 2009 and revised for 2013. It is currently available in two main forms.

The Yeti – the manufacturer says - is “for the city” whereas the Yeti Outdoor better suits “the great outdoors”. The latter's bumpers are shaped to ensure “steeper approach and departure angles” for leaping over off-road hazards. Both models are available with front-wheel drive or 4 wheel drive.

The ŠKODA Board Member for Production and Logistics, Michael Oeljeklaus, says: “Achieving a production figure of half a million ŠKODA Yetis is yet another milestone for the Kvasiny Plant.

Since its introduction, the Yeti has delighted customers in Europe and the international markets. We owe this success not least to the team in Kvasiny. It is with their technical skills, their expertise and the highest commitment that they essentially shape the excellent reputation of the plant.”

He adds: “Over the next few years, Kvasiny’s production volume will increase significantly (and sports utility class vehicles are) going to play an important role”.

ŠKODA Yeti Monte Carlo

ŠKODA's 500,000th is a Yeti – rather than a Yeti Outdoor – in Monte Carlo form. This trim has a wide range of features to elevate it above its siblings. Highlights include the black roof that complements bright red paint.

It also has a black grille, mirror caps, wheels, spoiler and diffuser. The side windows have a darker than average tint too. The interior has bespoke sports seats, stainless steel pedals and carbon on the dashboard.

The steering wheel is black leather with red stitches, and the sill plates – which can be seen when the doors open – sport the Monte Carlo logo.

The ŠKODA Yeti Monte Carlo has a 2.0-litre, 150PS, diesel engine that sends power to all 4 wheels. When bolted to 6-speed manual transmission, it propels motorists to 62mph in 9.1 seconds and averages 55.4mpg.

Carbon emissions are 134g/km. The alternative 6-speed auto gearbox has very little impact on performance, fuel consumption and emissions. The Yeti also has ingenious seats that can be moved to numerous positions - and in some cases removed - to best suit the needs of passengers and their luggage. Standard equipment includes climate control, rear parking sensors, electric windows, cruise control and stability control to make corner safer.