posted 3 years ago

‘Supercars’ take over the Capital

Wealthy Arabs arrive with high performance cars

If you are taking a trip to London this summer you will find the streets of Knightsbridge jammed with the most high performance super cars due to wealthy Arabs pouring into the capital for their ‘summer season’. 

It is now quite an annual event as rich Qataris, Saudis, Emiratis and Kuwatis move to London during the Middle East hottest summer months. The arrival also coincides with the end of Ramadan. 

The sports cars spotted include a six wheeled Mercedes AMG. a gold Range Rover, brightly coloured Rolls Royces, numerous Ferraris and Lamborghinis plus Bugatti Veyrons and a 1970’s Datsun. The most outrageous car to make the trip is the six wheeled Mercedes G63 AMG an enormous £370,000 off roader. Tourists have also turned their heads at a Pagani Huayra worth more than £1 million. 

It is obviously a boom for the tourist industry as the rich Arabs stay in the best hotels and spend in London’s most expensive shops and eat at the top restaurants but it is not all fun and games for the residents. In affluent Knightsbridge many have complained they are behaving in an anti-social manner, revving the cars and treating the exclusive area as their personal racetrack. Plus local residents also worry about breaches of parking rules as many think they are above the law.  The council admit that is ‘extremely difficult’ for parking penalties with cars from UAE amasing £300,000 in fines last year. A number of the supercars have already been spotted with parking tickets this year while others have been driving around with incorrect registration plates.

Panda Morgan-Thomas, a management consultant, said 'I am not angry, I am just exhausted. After a relatively calm three years the last few days have seen the return of supercars to Knightsbridge.

'They are again racing down Sloane Street from late afternoons until 3 or 4 in the morning. We honestly thought we had made progress but it seems as though local residents are in for another sleepless August.’ 

However despite residents dreading this ‘the supercar season’ there is one group that leap to the defence of the drivers ‘The Carparazzi’. Paul Wallace, who runs the YouTube channel Supercars of London, played down their bad behaviour. He said 'August always proves to be the best time of year for petrolheads to see their dream machines on the road. Having seen the change in driving styles and cars, I still can't believe the police presence and residents kicking up a fuss. For four weeks out of fifty-two, these super-wealthy individuals come and pump millions of pounds into the UK economy. Not only that, they fulfil many car fan's dream by bringing super rare Bugatti Veyrons, or special edition Paganis. I feel sorry for these guys coming here with their expensive toys as they get harassed by police.'