posted 4 years ago

1 in 3 Cars Sold in Romania is a Dacia

Sales figures for Dacia show huge growth across Europe.

Romanian carmaker, Dacia, set a new company-best for 2015 after selling over 550,000 vehicles worldwide - a 7.7% increase over the previous year. The Sandero, Logan and Duster each sold over 100,000 units.

At home in Romania, sales soared by almost 25% compared to 2014 after selling nearly 37,000 cars domestically.

Now, 1 in 3 cars sold in Romania through 2015 were Dacias. A simply unquestionable market share.

Foreign markets also saw a significant increase in popularity for the budget busters too.  France remained at the top of the list for selling Dacias. They moved over 100,000 units in 2015 - this is aided by the strong dealership network which already exists with Renault, who own Dacia. 

Dacia had the 5th biggest market share in France, where the Sandero was the ninth best selling car for 2015 across all manufacturers.

Spain were the second biggest export market where Dacia managed to sell 55,000 vehicles and Germany were third with 47,400 Dacias. 

The company’s growth in the UK wasn’t quite as rapid, but the Romanians still managed to move 26,300 cars across 2015 which is still a huge achievement.