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172mph Porsche driver told he may be jailed

Timothy Brady could face jail after apeeding in a new Porsche 911 Turbo along the A420 at Kingston Bagpuize, Oxfordshire

Breaking Britain’s illegal land speed record for a four-wheeled vehicle could drive Timothy Brady to jail, a court told him.

Brady, 33, of Harrow, was driving a brand new Porsche 911 Turbo along the A420 at Kingston Bagpuize, Oxfordshire, when police officers clocked him doing 172mph. He pleaded guilty at Oxford Crown Court yesterday.

His speed burst gives Brady the dubious honour of being the fastest car driver in Britain to be caught breaking the speed limit, Jason McAllister having in 2003 driven a BMW M3 in Scotland at 156mph straight into a five-month jail sentence and a four-year driving ban.

The all-time British speeding record remains, having been set by Daniel Nicks, 37, who was arrested for doing 175mph on a Honda Fireblade motorcycle in Hertfordshire, in 2000. Having strapped a camcorder to his helmet to film his feat, he crashed his bike but escaped with minor injuries, a six-week jail sentence and a two-year ban.

Brady was travelling at a speed sufficient to lift a Boeing 737 off the runway. His speed was first achieved by Malcolm Campbell in Bluebird in Wales in 1927. In the dock yesterday Brady spoke only to confirm his name and to admit dangerous driving. He denied a further charge, that he had taken the £93,000 Porsche without permission from the company for which he worked at the time. John Reilly, Brady’s lawyer, told the court: “He is a young man who has no previous convictions. He pleaded guilty to a serious offence before the court today. He has lost his job as a result of this.”

Granting Brady conditional bail, Recorder James Patrick told the court: “The defendant must assume that a custodial sentence is quite likely. By releasing you on bail you must not think that I am making any promises at all about how you will be dealt with; 172mph is extremely fast.” Brady was disqualified from driving, and ordered to return next month for sentencing.

–– An inexperienced driver who crashed the car he had just received for his 18th birthday, killing two friends, has walked from court with a £250 fine and a two-year driving ban. Marcus Americanos, who drove into a tree after celebrating his birthday with friends, was convicted of careless driving. David Bailey, chairman of the bench at Cheltenham Magistrates’ Court, told the parents of Sam Taylor, 17, and Robert Maunoury, 18, that no sentence would compensate for their loss.

He told Americanos: “Whatever we decided would be nothing like the trauma you and the families involved have suffered.” The charge does not carry a custodial sentence; a charge of causing death by careless driving is soon to come into effect.

Quick reminder

63mph Minimum take-off speed of four-seater Cessna 150 light aircraft 150mph Minimum take-off speed of a laden Boeing 737 jet 174mph World land speed record set by Malcolm Campbell in 1927 203mph Record set by Sir Henry Seagrave three weeks later 70mph Maximum legal speed limit on any British road £114million Total speeding fines paid by British motorists last year 193mph Top speed of Porsche 911 Turbo, below, which costs about £98,000. 0-62mph: 3.9 seconds