posted 7 years ago

2012 Bank Holiday Traffic Hotspots

Where will the 2012 bank holiday traffic hotspots emerge?

Where will the 2012 bank holiday traffic hotspots emerge? I reckon most will be close to my house. Others, I suspect, will be near my destinations – with the rest clogging-up the roads in between. Grrrr.. However, this 'psychic' approach is less logical than a teenager's mood swings – so let us consider precedent for some less 'spiritually inspired' predictions.

The M25 is likely to be busier than the world's busiest bee. As such, the areas around airports in particular could turn into car parks. Canterbury Way might be worth avoiding too. The M5/M6 by Birmingham could also be hectic, so thank goodness for the M6 toll. Also, the M8 near Glasgow – particularly where it meets the M77 – is notoriously tedious.

Now, bank holiday motorists like to travel to a little known place called 'Cornwall'. Where else can you find a decent pasty? The problem is that the A30 – which runs from the M5 deep into the county – can snarl-up like an engine without oil. Further east, the New Forest and the nearby M3 tend to overload with tourists too. Even the New Forest ponies struggle to get about - which must be why they love jumping in front of my car. Grrr, again.