posted 5 years ago

33% Of Motorists Do Not Enjoy Driving

Institute Of Advanced Motorists Survey Results

Oh, cheer up! The IAM has claimed that thirty-three percent of people no longer enjoy driving. That is the conclusion of the safety charity's poll of more than two-thousand motorists. Why such pessimism? Because fifty-one percent have fallen out of love due to the price of fuel. The cost, after all, now averages about £1.31 for a litre of unleaded and £1.38 for diesel. Granted, these figures are relatively high so motorists might cheer themselves up by taking steps to minimise the cost. The first is to trade-in their old gas- guzzlers for more efficient modern alternatives. High achievers include the Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion 1.2 TDI that averages 80.7mpg, and the Hyundai i20 CRDi Blue that manages 88.3mpg. Even the BMW 320d EfficientDynamics Auto returns 68.9mpg – and that hits 62mh in 7.9 seconds which should cheer up even the most pessimistic. Motorists can also save by driving efficiently and minimising aerodynamic drag by removing any roof boxes and closing their windows. Furthermore, the survey revealed that forty-one percent are put-off by congestion and fifty percent do not 'always' feel relaxed when their partner is in the front. Oh come on - it cannot be that bad.

How To Enjoy Driving

The trick to enjoying time behind the wheel is to minimise the factors that make it stressful. One of these is worrying that the vehicle is likely to breakdown (we have all been there). So, ensure it is properly maintained and rectify any small imperfections before they become big problems. Whereas this can be expensive in the short term it is often cheaper long term. Furthermore, getting lost is less fun than spending a month with the world's most pessimistic man. So, plan the route in advance or buy a sat-nav. Whereas some people loath these electronic maps – and they certainly have limitations – having one tends to make life easier. Some high-spec versions even suggest routes that sidestep congestion. Finally, make life inside the car pleasant by ensuring the seat, steering wheel and mirrors are in the most comfortable positions. It is surprising how many people have a poor set-up. Then relax and drive smoothly rather than aggressively as the latter can be stressful. And best not get upset by the motorists that act inconsiderately. The least stressful approach is to give them space to move out the way. Who knows, they might be in that tragic thirty-three percent that no longer enjoy driving.