posted 3 years ago

A Brand New Range Rover Added to The Lineup. Introducing, the Velar.

Range Rover announce a new 4x4 in between the Evoque and Sport model.

The Velar - it might seem like an obscure, contemporary model name to appease fashionistas, but in fact it is a name borrowed from an early Range Rover prototype from 1969.

Pricing has been announced and the Velar positions itself between the £40,000 Range Rover Evoque and the £80,000 Range Rover Sport. On The Road prices start from £44,830 - with HSE models from £62,560. A limited run of 'First Edition' models are on sale, costing £83,350 and £85,540 for the diesel and petrol respectively.

That £60,000 figure is about right if you’re lining the Velar up against a well spec’d Porsche Macan or a top of the range BMW X4.

Range Rover have championed 5 elements that define the Velar’s desirability;

‘Driven by reduction’ - The Velar is aimed to provide a luxurious and calm sanctuary which functions around simplicity and premium materials. There will be no wasted weight in the Velar, which was ‘designed and engineered with an unwavering belief in ‘reductionism.’

‘The next revolution in SUV’ - The Velar will attend to a sn SUV segment that doesn’t really exist just yet. A white void between the Evoque and Sport, the Velar will expand the Range Rover portfolio into a whole new territory.

‘A bloodline like no other’ - The Velar will fundamentally continue the bloodline of the Range Rover which nears its 50th birthday. Talk about heritage.

‘Establishing the trends of tomorrow’ - The Velar will aim to continue the high level of innovation through technology, design and attention to detail that Range Rover have earned as a brand.

‘Refined for every occasion’ - Lastly, and most obviously, the Velar will be incredibly capable on all terrains - this one’s a given… It has a Range Rover badge, after all.