posted 2 years ago

A New Advert from Dacia Is Causing Quite the Stir…

“Another one buys a Duster.”

The budget busting brand from Romania has recently taken the UK by storm with increasing sales figures year on year since they entered the UK back in 2012.

In their latest marketing venture, Dacia have put a twist on the ‘another one bites the dust’, changing the lyrics to involve their top selling crossover, the Duster.

View the advert here…

The obvious focus around the campaign is to highlight and emphasise the growing popularity of the Dacia Duster in the UK, with a number of typically British accents exclaiming ‘another buys a Duster.’

The final sign-off line quotes the fantastic figure “3.5 million people worldwide are now driving a Dacia.”

Our question to you; they’ve been here for 3 years now and current owners seem to give glowing reviews, so are you ready to consider a Dacia when you get round to changing your vehicle? Let us know in the poll below!