posted 8 years ago

Advantages of Leasing New Vehicles

There are several advantages to leasing cars rather than buying.

There are several advantages to leasing cars rather than buying. More 'bang for your buck' is the first potential benefit. As such, a motorist with a £250 per-month budget can either 'buy' a particular type of vehicle – or perhaps 'lease' something superior. Equally, the car can be returned at the end of the contract, so the motorist avoids the hassle of selling. This approach also avoids the costly depreciation associated with car ownership.

Leasing packages come in numerous shapes and sizes. They can include: road tax, servicing, and low cost/zero deposit options. Furthermore, as the cars are new, most (or perhaps all) mechanical faults will be covered by manufacture warranties. By contrast, potential leasing disadvantages include: the limited choice of vehicles, high early contract termination charges, modest mileage allowances, and excessive wear and tear charges.

Leasing is a potentially low-hassle way to obtain new vehicles. As the contracts are normally fairly short term, they also enable motorists to regularly upgrade their machinery. Perfect if your lifestyle changes, perhaps because of a new baby or business. No surprise then that thousands of motorists choose this potentially cost-effective option. Happy days.