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Airless Tyre To Launch In 2014

Polaris All-Terrain Specialist To Launch Airless Tyre

An airless tyre will be launched in the USA next year by all-terrain vehicle specialist Polaris, the Mail Online has reported. The benefit, of course, is that this tyre cannot puncture. What a boost for the military, rescue services, and thrill seekers who take vehicles over extremely rough terrain. The tyre's solid rubber tread surrounds a honeycomb-shaped plastic that – in turn – encloses a steel core. The latter connects the wheel to the vehicle. The honeycomb-web bends to absorb obstacles such as rocks, logs and curbs. What a contrast to the traditional set-up whereby the tyre compresses significantly and the wheel maintains most of its shape. This revolutionary product has been tested over hundred of hours – and five-thousand miles – and proven to be tougher than its traditional counterparts. It therefore still operates when thirty percent of its honeycomb-web is damaged. This is another striking contrast to today's rubber. The airless tyre started life with Resilient Technologies which was engaged by the Department of Defence. However, the company has been bought by all-terrain specialist Polaris who will now market the tyre. I suspect its rivals will soon launch similar products.

The Future Of Tyres

The Polaris tyre is for the off-road market but surely the concept could be expanded to road cars. Imagine that. No punctures – ever. This could make life safer as thousands of accidents have been caused by air leaks and inappropriate tyre pressures. Furthermore nobody would have to carry spare wheels, jacks, pumps, and gas repair kits. Future generations will laugh when they learn that old-style tyres – those delicate things that travelled at high speed over rough and sharp surfaces – were filled with oxygen and nitrogen. But there might be a downside. Breakdown specialists such as the Automobile Association replace thousands of flat tyres every year. It is one of the most common problems motorists face along with dead batteries, misplaced keys, and a lack of fuel. However, fewer motorists would require their spare wheel and that could lead to mechanics twiddling their thumbs. Redundancies might follow. Furthermore, new tyre sales could fall as a higher percentage would be replaced when worn rather than damaged. Those who fix holed tyres might struggle too. But this has always been the case. As the world evolves skills become redundant and new ones replace them. How many people can shoe horses these days? So, bring on the airless tyre - it could save lives.


One day soon

This is not an April Fool, this is for real. However, I'm not going to get too excited about this becoming OE on passenger cars for a while yet although eventually it just might. Lots of development work needed to make this comfortable enough for normal road use. Remember, many people hate so called run flat tyres because they are so unpleasant to drive on. Especially when you consider that they are fitted to mostly up market cars.

April Fool-yeah!

They have been talking about this for years - its about time they got on and started the mass production line going!

Looks good

I think Michelin created this in around 2006 but even thought tested in almost race conditions it has not been on the market. Possibly no visible demand. It needs to be a popular choice in order to go to market.

Nowse look ere old boy Q said theze thingggs would nae wuk becos of the heat generated but worst of all they look crap as I like white walls. April 1st protype it seems if not it should be.........

Polaris = April 1st Nice Try

Don't think this is a very new idea at all - I'm sure Dunlop were doing something of the sort in the 60s or 70s with a honeycomb structure inside the tyre. Anyone have any recollection of these? I don't know if they were ever in production.

Tried airless on a push bike once. Severely increased rolling resistance, but made me very fast when I put pneumatic tyres back on cycle.

Great idea, a new industry is born!! Would look great on a car as you could probably colour code the structure and the outer edge alrady looks like a low profile tyre, can't wait till these on production cars!

Great idea, but what about those who like the low profile alloy wheel look? Will these look sexy on your car?

what a good idea,all for it.

What iss the date today???