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All new British luxury automotive brand

Launches April 2014

Successful British businessman and car enthusiast David Brown has created an automotive brand in his own name ‘David Brown Automotive’ which promises to refresh the classic British sports car for the 21st century. A classic car owner himself, company founder David is more than familiar with the struggles of roadside assistance. It was these struggles however that inspired him to dream up his plans.

To create the new car David has brought on board an experienced design team led by Alan Mobberley who has nineteen years experience as Chief Designer at Land Rover together with automotive engineering experts Envisage Group who have developed the car for production. David has not settled for an update of any existing model. He has commissioned a completely original exterior and interior design, sourced bespoke British suppliers for interior trim and materials and the car has been thoroughly engineered for low-volume production, combining the latest manufacturing techniques with traditional craftsmanship.

David said “I wanted all the impact and style of a classic sports car, but with modern capabilities and conveniences. This is what I want in a car, but it’s not something anyone really offers. So, I’ve created it myself. I thought that if I’m looking for this, others might be too.”

‘Project Judi’

So what will this new model be? Its seems we have to wait and see closer to the cars launch date in April. So far the only information available is that it has been codenamed ‘Project Judi’ and will be limited in numbers.  It will combine a classically-inspired exterior design, with the latest in performance, dynamics, technology, comfort and refinement. The interior will be a place of luxury, handcrafted with parts sourced by Brown himself, combining typically British wood surfaces and leather seats to create a classic finish.

The finished car, a production ready example that will be available for order, will be unveiled at Monaco’s extravagant Top Marques Show in April. We’ll have to wait until then to see what mix of classic and modern will reveal itself from under the covers. But if you now feel curious to this new luxury automotive brand then you can register interest to receive more information at


yet another 'Luxury Car' the ordinary hard up Brit (Vast majority) cant afford. Doomed to fail......when he gets bored- bankrupt.

"Related to David Brown of Aston Martin fame perchance" My first thought also. Could be connected with David Brown gearboxes as well, although I hope the car will be better than the gearboxes?

Another tractor maker in the luxury car market, and you never see a poor farmer.

sounds interesting best of luck David

Brave to start up a new company when this has all been done before. Look what happened to TVR! Now what a fantastic car they were, and still are.m good luck to them.

Sound like it should be a winner with classic looks and modern technology just what the British car market needs can't wait to see it in April

Cannot wait to see it ,best of british

Is he anything to do with the David Brown who built tractors then took over Aston Martin and started the D B series of cars ?

this is a brilliant idea

Related to David Brown of Aston Martin fame perchance?