posted 6 years ago

All-New Ford Mondeo

Look over there... that thing in the corner is the all-new Ford Mondeo.

Look over there... that thing in the corner is the all-new Ford Mondeo. Now, first things first. Some people claim that the grill is 'inspired' by the Aston Martin DBS. Perhaps it is, but let us take things further. The door handles remind me of my fridge's, and the wing mirrors look like something my late Grandmother needed to touch-up her make-up. And check-out the wheels. Were they inspired by ancient carts, wheel barrows, or perhaps something from space? None of this matters. The key point is that the all-new Mondeo is predominantly inspired by its predecessors - and these were tremendous cars in their day.

As such, we expect more of the same from the forthcoming car. We expect rock-solid handling, family-focussed practicality, modest running costs, and impressive build quality. Some new gadgets will appear too. Highlights include the automatic parallel parking system that identifies empty spaces, then steers the new Mondeo into the bay. The driver simply operates the throttle, brakes, and gearbox. This complements the blind- spot system that warns motorists when a vehicle is hidden from view - and lane keeping technology that alerts the driver if they move off-line, perhaps through fatigue. Now that is inspired. I can hardly wait for its launch in 2013. At least in the meantime we have the DBS.