posted 6 years ago

All New Kia Carens arrives the spring

Modern MPV to complete the new Kia line-up

Kia have modernised pretty much all of their range and this spring the Carens will arrive. The new car comes with either five or seven seat layouts and is an attractive family car. The original Carens was very dated even though it was a popular family choice. Kia’s Chief Designer said “a vehicle like the Carens is probably the hardest of all to get right because we are tightly constrained by the car’s functionality”. One of the design goals was improved visibility; the base of the windscreen is very low and works well with the low and wide sweeping dashboard design to deliver excellent visibility.

The new Carens will be powered by either a 1.7 turbodiesel or a 1.6 petrol engine, both motors will have stop/start as standard and there will be considerable improvements in fuel efficiency and co2 emission figures. The new design includes integrated roof rails, a sleek rear spoiler and the second row seats have a three-way split, manoeuvrability when parking and negotiating traffic is very much improved due to the front and rear overhangs being kept as short as possible.

Prices and specifications have not yet been released but specification will no doubt be generous and prices should start at approximately £16,500.

Kia is one of the fastest growing brands

For the past few years, Kia has been one of the fastest-growing global automotive brands and was recently named ‘Best Manufacturer 2012’. The Kia Sorento was recently revised and the upgrades have now made this a premium SUV.cRe-engineering of the car from front to rear and top to bottom has improved safety, comfort and driving dynamics while lowering fuel consumption and overall running costs. It is available with a choice of manual or automatic transmissions and the new headlamps with LED lights, new tailgate and LED rear combination lamps bring the Sorento right up to date. The interior upgrades are just as generous with soft touch surfaces, new LCD cluster and a new center stack with a seven inch display screen. There is plenty of interior room and the seven seats are standard.

The new Sorento range starts at £26,495 and Kia also offer their well known seven year warranty which is transferable to subsequent owners.