posted 6 years ago

All new Vauxhall Adam on sale now

The Vauxhall Adam is a new city car it is a three door, four seater that can be personalised in over a million different ways

The Fiat 500 was a clear success when it arrived, but many may say it could be too ‘girly’ for them, so what are the alternatives a MINI perhaps? Well now there is something else worth considering the new Vauxhall Adam which has just arrived in the showrooms. The Vauxhall Adam is a new city car it is a three door, four seater that can be personalised in over a million different ways.

The car is offered in three trims; the JAM (fashionable/colourful), the GLAM (elegant/sophisticated) and the SLAM (racy/sporty), Adam customers can effectively ‘build’ their own car. There are almost unlimited visual combinations, with a wide variety of exterior colours including two different roof colours, interior colours, equipment and materials. Customers can even choose their headlining, including an LED-lit starlight roof trim. So if you want a car that reflects your personality look no further. An online configurator has been designed that will ‘block-off’ any choices of colour, roof, styling add-ons , accessories and interior finishes that would be in poor taste but with thirty thousand individual possible combinations available there will be something for everyone.

The size of the Adam is similar to the Fiat 500 but considerably wider giving it a chunky appearance and not much shorter than the Mini. There is a choice of three efficient ecoFLEX four-cylinder petrol engines; a 1.2-litre 70PS, plus two 1.4-litre engines with either 87PS or 100PS. All will be available with optional Start/Stop technology and will be teamed to a five-speed manual gearbox. Vauxhall have said they will bring out a new three cylinder turbocharged petrol with six speed gearbox later in the year. If you are looking for a diesel though there seems to be no plans as yet to bring one out.

It looks like the Vauxhall Adam will appeal to both male and female drivers as you can make it look girly or masculine. There is no doubt would also appeal to the older generation. The interior for a small car is really quite spacious and includes many quirky features such as the console buttons glowing red and a flexible drinks holder. Vauxhall have made nothing quite like the Adam before so it is new market for them, the success of this new city car will result in more sales and more profit. The only way to appreciate this funky and fun car is to test drive it so book in at your local showroom as soon as possible.