posted 3 years ago

All Safety Cameras on Major Roads to Be Painted Yellow to Improve Visibility

All safety cameras on major roads to be painted bright yellow so that motorists more easily see them, UK Government confirms.

All Safety Cameras To Be Yellow On Major Roads

All safety cameras on the strategic road network will be painted yellow by October 2016 to make them easier for motorists to see, the UK Government says. As of now some are grey; which creates suspicion that their purpose is to raise money rather than encourage motorists to stay within the law. Highways England runs the strategic network that incorporates motorways and major a-roads.

There are about two-hundred enforcement sites many of which have multiple cameras. The plan: “Follows a review of cameras to ensure they are visible and motorists are not unfairly penalised”, the Government argues. It says that its strategy is “common sense”.

Safety camera colour changes will take place during “standard renewal” of units “alongside other planned work to minimise the cost”, the Government claimed. Any cameras that are not due to be upgraded by October 2016 will be painted. Highways England will then monitor its sites “to address” any impact the colour change has on drivers. Fewer might exceed the national limit, for example.

Government “On Side” Of Honest Drivers

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin says: “We are on the side of honest motorists. I’ve always been clear that cameras should be visible and get used for safety rather than revenue raising. This move is about applying common sense to our roads. Speed cameras should make journeys safer, rather than lead to dangerous braking.”

Highways England Promises “Good Service”

Highways England Chief Executive, Jim O’Sullivan, adds: “We also are on the side of common sense and aim to provide a good service to road users. While we understand speed cameras are not popular, they play a valuable role in enhancing safety, smoothing traffic flow and reducing congestion for millions of motorists who use our roads.”

Mr O'Sullivan continues: “We use cameras for safety and traffic management only when other more popular solutions like engineering are not adequate to tackle particular problems on our network.”

AA Claimed Painting Safety Cameras Yellow Is “Common Sense”

Edmund King, AA President, says: “This is a common sense move and something we have campaigned for. Our extensive AA/Populus surveys show that over 70% of drivers accept the use of speed cameras and it is important that the level of trust and transparency is maintained. Cameras are most effective when drivers slow down and being visible should make them more effective.”

Edmund King concludes: “Motorways are our safest roads and having visible cameras should show that the intention is to slow traffic and save lives rather than generate cash. Drivers will be delighted by this move.”