posted 7 years ago

Amazing Shrinking Car Makes Parking Easy

Honest... the Hiriko Fold is a shrinking car that makes parking easy.

Honest... the Hiriko Fold is a shrinking car that makes parking easy. Consider the following scenario, please. Pete the Pitiful Parker is cruising though town in a Fold. His vehicle's proportions are 2.63 metres long, by 1.75 metres wide, and 1.54 metres tall. Being a busy area most of the traditionally sized parking spaces have been filled with Ford Mondeos, delivery vans, and skips. Not a problem. Pete simply presses a button and his car's length shrinks to only 2.0 metres via an electrically operated hinge. This also increases its height to 2.0 metres, although the width stays the same. As such, he can park in a very small spot.

But that is only part of the story. The Hiriko Fold has four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering. That enables Pete the Pitiful Parker to spin on the spot and move sideways. This helps manoeuvrability too. Furthermore, the Fold is powered by four electric motors (one for each wheel), has a range of up to 75 miles, and a top speed of 31mph. Access to this two-seater is through its windscreen which operates in a manner reminiscent of a Bubble Car. As well as lacking traditional doors this shrinking vehicle lacks peddles. As such, Pete pushes its steering wheel forward to accelerate and pulls back to brake. Bit like yokes, then.

The Hiriko Fold has been created by a consortium of companies – most of whom Pete would like to buy shares in. As such Guardian has developed the glass, Maser – Mic the electronics, Forging Products the aluminium chassis, TMA the front door, SAPA Placencia the steering wheel, and BRW the wheels. The Fold is currently on trial in European cities and expected to enter full-scale production in 2013. Prices will be about £10,000 – honestly.

i think it is suitable for pensioners with health problems and the generally disabled.

Will the hinge prove to be a week point in the case of a Front end or Rear end Shunt ie will it allow the car to fold up ?