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Are you driving without an MOT?

Survey reveals third of motorists have driven without MOT

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) surveyed one thousand motorists and found that a third of motorists have driven a car knowing it has no MOT. These findings are quite shocking as driving without an MOT risks fines of up to £1000 as well as invalidating your motor insurance.

Remembering the test date is the most common problem and many people may have driven their cars actually not knowing their MOT is out of date. Sometimes motorists don’t actually realise the MOT is out of date until you try to re-tax the car. Cars older than three years old require a valid MOT before they can be taxed.

Figures from the survey showed that 67% admitted driving for up to a week before the retest, 24% for up to a month, 7% for up to six months and 2% for more than six months. The research also suggests men are more likely to continue driving after their MOT has lapsed.  Regional differences were also in the findings showing that the East Midlands topped the table for remembering to carry out a car’s MOT, with just 15% of motorists in the region saying they have driven a car without a valid MOT and at the opposite end of the table drivers in the South West most likely to drive without an MOT, with 41% admitting to forgetting. Young motorists are the worst at remembering the test date and the most diligent were 45-54 year olds.

To help motorists remember to have their car tested each year, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has teamed up with the Trading Standards-approved garage network, Motor Codes, to offer car owners a free MOT service reminder. Available at , the service will send motorists a reminder every year before their car’s annual test of roadworthiness is due.

‘Minute of Two’ Scheme

Motorists may not be aware of the ‘Minute or Two’ scheme which is backed by every major car maker in the UK, with technicians at more than 5,500 manufacturer main dealerships committed to carry out a free 10-point pre-MOT visual inspection to help the vehicle avoid failing its test due to simple-to-fix issues. The full 'Minute Or Two’ includes checks of headlights, tyres, windscreen wipers and fluid levels.

Mike Baunton, SMMT Interim Chief Executive said "each year, a significant proportion of motorists forget their car's MOT, risking safety, fines and penalty points, main dealers are the best place to go to be sure of the most highly-trained technicians, using the parts manufacturers recommend along with the best diagnostic equipment. With more than 5,500 dealers across the UK carrying out free pre-MOT checks, along with an MOT reminder service run by Motor Codes, we are helping drivers to avoid basic MOT test fails by spotting simple-to-fix problems before the MOT lapses."


Having read many of the comments, a good many contain the wrong information: Namely: You cannot tax a car without having a current MoT for it. The DVLA will not accept it. You can pay £1.50 to be sent an official reminder about when the MoT becomes due on your vehicle. You can take your vehicle for a MoT without having one, or having it taxed either. Bur only for the trip to a booked appointment at the MoT station. Insurance to Road Traffic Act requirements is needed at all times while on the public highway, even for the trip to the MoT station.

I know a lot of people don't like the MOT due to the many varied and well reported rip off merchants that even main dealers can be when having your car tested for it's annual roadworthyness test. It's a lucrative money spinner for all those MOT stations attached to garages, from the local (good guy) to the main dealer who will only fit OEM parts ????? (Expensive). There are local govt. MOT stations that are just that, no garage attached and no axe to grind to make money from parts and labour sales. If you look around you will find one. They have only this system in Spain, there are no commercail garages with ITV (MOT) stations, they are all run by central Govt and are clean, well run, very efficient and above all fair and honest, oh and they are not too expensive, still under 40 euro's. If the present govt wanted to they could do this and it could even, dare I say it, turn a profit for them........

I recently bought a car with a valid MOT certificate. On checking the DVLA website I found the current mileage reading is the same as that on the MOT - 11 months ago!! This car was issued an MOT without a working speedo - so much for the integrity of the MOT system.

mot , well i can not believe how much they have gone up in price , my first mot was £7.50 now £50 , but i would never , not have one , to know the car is safe not only for me but for everybody else on the road, i think jane abbott is right there should be reminders sent out, as a lot of people have such busy lives , and so many things to think about , something that only comes up once a year can get forgotten ,

The day your MOT runs out doen not necessarily mean your car becomes unroadwoprthy, this can happen almost as soon as you leave the MOT testing station with your certificate. The MOT is a certificate to say your vehicle was checked on a certain date and was OK at that point in time. These checks should however mean the car is likely to remain in a fairly safe condition until the next check. It is up to everyone to check their cehicle regularly and fix anything as soon as it is found - not leave it until the next MOT or dare I say tax renewal. You do not get penalty points for not having an MOT. Your insurance is not automatically invalidated if you do not have an MOT.

Hi Malcolm I couldn't find that on the DVLA website! which link is it?

its too easy to forget the date.. I had a shock on saturday when I realised it runs out today (monday) my memory was a week out. of course you can go onto the .gov site and not only get the current mot but the vehicles full mot history for the vehicle, including all recommendations.... useful if buying secondhand

The main dealers aren't the best place to go - most of them charge the full VOSA price - so don't really carry out a free pre MOT - where a lot of the independent garagesCharge a good £20.00 less and still check it over 1st. Keep the independents going!!

As this is a statutory requirement reminder as for road tax should be provided

I recently tried to check mine on the DVLA website but you cannot this need to be changed as an MOT is a electronically done now

As it's a legal requirement, why not display an official document along side the tax disc!!

Also interesting that an MOT is only valid for the day of the test, the rest of the year the car could potentially be illegal to drive anyway.

Why not just ask the DVLA to do the reminding?

As all MoTs are held on a computerised central data bank, how are so many users getting away without having a current MoT, if their vehicle is on the road? How many are also dodging paying road tax and insurance? However there is now an argument for relaxing the rules and having the test completed once very two years and not annually. Why? Because vehicles are now much more reliable than previously. Besides having a current MoT does not guarantee that your vehicle is safe.

Wow incredible but know lots of people who have done it though.....