posted 4 years ago

Are you REALLY the best driver on the road?

Tough lessons for cocky motorists from So You Think You Can Drive TV show

They are the deluded drivers who think that they handle a car like Lewis Hamilton… when Mr Bean would be a more accurate description.

A TV show to be broadcast on BBC 1 this Thursday (September 4) will highlight the risks faced by other road users and pedestrians as a result of the motorists who don’t realise how bad they are at driving.

Presented by Dom Littlewood and Cherry Healey, So You Think You Can Drive sees two motorists being told the error of their ways.

Science of distraction

Cherry also shows that we might not be as safe behind the wheel as we think we are, when she investigates the science of distraction to find what the risks are when you’re driving while using your mobile phone.

The show will see Dom take on ‘boy racer’ Liam – a 21-year-old electrician from East Sussex whose parents are terrified that his love of speeding and his over confident attitude could lead him into serious trouble on the road.

Cherry heads to the Wirral to meet Jodie whose husband Phil believes she’s an accident waiting to happen. Jodie’s problem is that she is easily distracted and the trail of broken wing mirrors and crunched bumpers she’s left behind is evidence that her driving habits have to change before it’s too late.

By highlighting the problems of these individuals, the show aims to arm viewers with the knowledge of how to improve their own driving and be safer when they get behind the wheel.

With almost 750,000 injured in driving accidents each year and crashes and dents costing the UK a staggering £15.2bn annually, there is clearly a job to be done.

Criminally bad driving

Working with experienced driving instructor Sandra McDonald Aimes, Cherry and Dom plan a series of driving challenges to convince Jodie and Liam to change their ways. 

During the programme, Dom joins the East Midlands Police Serious Collision Investigation Unit where, with unique access to the unit’s case files, he highlights the tragic consequences of accidents and reveals the range of forensic techniques the police have at their disposal to discover when criminally bad driving is to blame for accidents and to bring those responsible to justice.

*So You Think You Can Drive is on BBC1 at 10.35pm on Thursday, September 4.

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