posted 7 years ago

Are Young Male Drivers Deluded?

Sixty-two per-cent of young male novice drivers think they are more skilful than the average driver.

Sixty-two per-cent of young male novice drivers think they are “more skilful than the average driver”, according to a report by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM). Only thirty-two per-cent of young females believe they are experts, which suggests a more realistic view. Furthermore, young novice drivers are the highest “risk group” on our roads. Males aged between seventeen and twenty-nine are, in fact - according to the Department for Transport - more than twice as likely to be killed or seriously injured as young women.

IAM Chief Executive, Simon Best, said: “Young male drivers suffer from a lethal combination of overconfidence and inexperience. They don’t need curfews and other restrictions on their driving; they need to practice and gain driving experience safely.” He continued: “There are many paying thousands of pounds a year in insurance and killing themselves. The solution to this problem is to link driver training and insurance discounts.”

The IAM's report echoes my own personal experience. At the age of seventeen I was surrounded by other kids and their knackered Ford Fiestas. Within a very short time several of these 'associates' piloted their cars into ditches, lamp posts, and hedges. I lost count of the number of crashes, near misses, and insane manoeuvres. Most of the culprits were 'men' trying to prove their skills behind the wheel. Talk about learning the hard way.

I think that is rubbish young driver are deemed dangerous , am 26 and a hgv driver although am a qualified advanced driver my insurance is still high because I fall into the 17 to 29 category , I think a mix between older driver hogging the middle lane doing 45 to 50 mph , or just a roads driving at 25 rather than keeping up with the traffic , not all young driver are at fault some maybe but that probably around 10% a deluded but why should the rest of us suffer!!!

I beliweve all new drivers should wear P (Provisional Driver plates) for 12 monthsmafeter passing their test, and if in that time they have an accident they should be made to resit their driving test. The problem is that young drivers do not know what they do'nt know.

There is a definate link between age and ability, there is also a link between age and risk appreciation, the phrase `old head on young shoulders` although impossible, would be top of the tree ..

As one interviewer said after interviewing a young candidate for a job "we should employ this person whilst he still knows everything!"