posted 5 years ago

Around View Monitor Makes Parking Effortless

Infiniti Q50 Hybrid AWD: Around View Monitor Explained

The Around View Monitor in the Infiniti Q50 makes parking easier than counting to ten. This optional system incorporates a camera on each side of this executive saloon and presents images via a high-resolution screen. The driver can then select from a wide range of perspectives based on his/her requirements. Bird's Eye view, for example, includes pictures from every camera to highlight hazards on each side of the car. This perspective creates the impression that the driver is looking onto its roof. Bird's Eye complements a larger view that appears simultaneously from a single camera. The second image can – depending on the angle - also show lines to indicate the vehicle's path if the steering is held in its current position. The motorist can, therefore, easily pick a correct line for parking. These lines – by varying from red, to yellow, to green - also indicate the approximate distance to hazards such as lamp posts. Naturally, there are parking sensors too. The Around View Monitor also incorporates Moving Object Detection. A chime sounds and there is a visual alert on the screen if a pedestrian, cyclist or animal moves into the line of travel. The driver can then brake to avoid the impact.

Infiniti Q50 Hybrid AWD Review

The Infiniti Q50 Hybrid AWD has other strengths too. Firstly, this top of the range trim has the Intelligent All-Wheel Drive System which ensures – in normal conditions – that 100% of the engine's power is sent to the rear wheels. That suits sporty drivers as a rear-wheel set-up helps turn sharply through corners. However, if a rear wheel is struggling for traction the system transfers up to 50% of engine power to the front. Torque can be sent from side to side too. The result is a luxury car that inspires tremendous confidence. The Hybrid AWD balances its power with fairly low fuel consumption. How? Via a 3.5-litre V6, 306PS, petrol engine and a 68PS electric motor. It can, therefore, cruise at 50mph using only the motor which is powered by lithium ion batteries. Naturally, this saves petrol so fuel consumption averages a respectable 41.5mpg. Carbon emissions are merely 159g/km which is less than some small family class vehicles. Furthermore, the interior is supremely comfortable thanks to the supportive leather seats, intuitively laid-out cabin and generous proportions. Standard equipment includes its: voice recognition system, push-button start, tyre pressuring monitoring, and a hill-start program that prevents it rolling forward/backward on slopes.