posted 6 years ago

Arsenal FC add two Citroen C-Zero to vehicle fleet

Citroen are the official car supplier to premiership club Arsenal and have recently took delivery of two more ‘signings’ a pair of C-Zero Citroens

Citroen are the official car supplier to premiership club Arsenal and have recently took delivery of two more ‘signings’ a pair of C-Zero Citroens. Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger and first team players Thomas Vermaelen, Kieran Gibbs and Olivier Giroud were on side to take delivery of the electric city cars.

Marc Raven, Communications Director at Citroën UK, said “our C-Zero continues to prove that electric cars can deliver a practical and efficient response to daily driver requirements. By introducing two models into its fleet, Arsenal is demonstrating that electric power can fulfil a progressive business’ objectives increasing efficiency whilst reducing environmental impact. A win-win situation for one of the UK’s most progressive football organisations.”

The Citroen C-Zero is a 100% electric city car, with zero fuel consumption, zero Co2 emissions and zero engine noise it really is a city car that meets the demands of modern day urban living. The Citroen C-Zero is capable of 93 miles once fully charged and research by Citroen shows that the average daily journey in urban areas is 23 miles and there are numerous opportunities to recharge the car as it is not used for 92% of each day. Apart from no fuel bills owners enjoy other benefits including zero company car tax, zero Vehicle Excise Duty and zero London Congestion Charge.

Despite its small size the Citroen C-Zero offers a spacious and comfortable interior with four comfortable seats and a good sized 166-litre boot. On the road, the Citroën C-Zero has a top speed of 80mph and is capable of 0-62mph in 15.9 seconds; it also boasts a tight 9m turning circle and nimble handling which makes easy driving navigating through urban traffic.

Vinai Venkatesham, Head of Global Partnerships at Arsenal Football Club said “Arsenal is committed to being a more environmentally friendly organisation and working with our partners to improve our overall efficiency. With the introduction of electric power to our fleet of already-efficient Citroëns, journeys such as those between Emirates Stadium and our Training Ground can be fulfilled with minimal environmental impact whilst enabling tangible cost savings.”

At the present time there is approximately 250 charge points across the capital which Source London has committed to expanding to at least 1300 accessible points by 2013. It has recently been reported that a network of rapid charging points that can recharge an electric car in around 15 minutes are to be installed in motorway service stations around the country. Manufacturers now hope that with a network of charging points in motorway service stations, it will allow owners to make longer journeys and help electric cars become more mainstream on the roads across the UK.