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Asda cut fuel prices by 3p per litre

Asda have cut fuel prices by 3p per litre, this has taken the fuel price down to their lowest level for more than a year

Asda have cut fuel prices by 3p per litre, this has taken the fuel price down to their lowest level for more than a year. Asda said an ease in global oil prices has enabled it to pass savings on to motorists.

The reduced price will be nationwide at every Asda forecourt across the country, the unleaded priced at 129.7p per litre and the diesel at 134.7p per litre. Overall Asda fuel prices have been cut by 11p since their peak in April. Andy Peake, Asda's director of petrol trading, said "we're chuffed to be offering a third price move in as many weeks to hard-pressed motorists running on empty."

Sainsbury’s are due to follow the lead of Asda by cutting fuel price in all their petrol stations by up to 2p per litre. A Sainsbury's spokesman said "we are doing everything we can to help our customers save money and along with the promotions we run in our stores, competitive fuel prices are a great way for us to help shoppers to meet their weekly budgets.”

A new petrol price comparison site was launched in March, powered by independent price checker; this enables drivers across the UK to find the lowest priced fuel before they fill up.

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Replying to the comment from'I English. Who do you think you are?? English Grammar teacher???...for goodness sake...G.A.Green got the message across and thats all that matters you pompous moron!!!

My wife paid £1.29 at sainsburys Whitley bay, Tyne and wear yesterday! That's quite a bit cheaper than stated here.

every little helps.

I wish Geraldine Ashton Green would correct her grammatical errors Examples Asda have (should be has) cut fuel prices.... has enabled it (it is correct) Sainsbury’s are (should be is all their (should be its)petrol.... stations

Just filled up at Tesco in Longton (Stoke-on-Trent)where unleaded is 127.9 that beats Asda !!!!

I am a small business Petrol Station and Convenience Store operator, your view regarding the lowest prices is unfair on both the motoring public and the local Petrol Station, simply because you are encouraging motorists to seek the cheapest price irrespective of how far they have to go out of their way to obtain that price. You are correct that the Super Markets are generally the cheapest simply because they frequently sell at a virtual non profit price on fuel to get the customer into their stores, which is where they then get confused with frequent bogus offers that "Rip them Off" frequently meaning that the meagre 1or 2p per litre savings on fuel are irrelevant. Not to mention the distance they have had to travel to get this saving. Every mile out off their way will cost them, at 35 mpg at least 15p per mile, so think before you chase the pole sign. There is also the fact that local, small businesses are not afforded the low credit card or bank handling charges of the big supermarkets or Oil Company operated sites. So if you want to kill off competition keep up your war on price differentials and unfair trading, there is more to what you pay at the pump than than a penny or two per litre. More sensationalism