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Audi Claims Most Reliable Car Manufacturer Title

Fleet Magazine FN50 Reliability Survey Results

Audi has taken top honours in the country's largest reliability survey – so “vorsprung durch technik”. The Fleet News Magazine's FN50 Survey evaluates the experiences of six-hundred thousand motorists that have cars from the country's top fifty leasing companies (by fleet size). These form the basis of a top ten that includes the Audi A3 Sportback – a relatively small and fashionable offering - and the Audi A4 Saloon/Avant which is a compact executive class vehicle. The former improved from seventh position last year to fifth, and the latter from third to second. The Audi A1 supermini, Audi Q3 sports-utility vehicle and the Audi TT two-door sports car also climbed the reliability survey's ranks. According to the magazine’s editorial, it is these positive movements that helped to swing the “most reliable manufacturer” title in favour of this prestigious brand.

Audi Boss Discusses Vehicle Reliability

Head of Audi Fleet Sales, James Douglas, collected the award at a ceremony in London and said: “Fleet managers and the drivers they serve have every right to be a brand’s harshest critics because so much of their business life revolves around the cars chosen by - and for them - and they need to be able to count on them unconditionally. We are delighted that the key fleet-focused Audi models continue to uphold our reputation for quality and engineering excellence in the hands of drivers who arguably demand the most from them.”

Audi Sales Figures, Future Investment And Sporting Pedigree

In 2012, Audi hit its best ever worldwide sales figure of 1,455,100 units. This represented an improvement of more than eleven percent compared to the previous year. Of these, 123,622 were sold in the United Kingdom - which equated to a rise of over eight percent. Audi now plans to strengthen its position further by investing thirteen billion Euros - mainly in new products - between now and 2016. At this point, its range will have expanded to more than forty-two models including town cars, luxurious saloons, estates, sports cars, and off-road mud plungers. On the race track, Audi has competed at the Le Mans 24 Hour Sportscar Endurance Race on fourteen occasions since the late nineties. These efforts led to podiums finishes on every occasion and eleven victories. The company has also made history at Le Mans by winning with hybrid diesel technology. “Vorsprung durch Technik”, ey.

Interesting that in what car's used car data published in september audi barely scraped out of the 10 most unreliable manufacturers. Just goes to show statistics can prove anything I guess, you want to know if cars are good go to the owners club forums. My Volvo S70 T5 has covered 252k miles and still going strong, hard to find something I'd swap it for that ticks all the boxes this car does.

I have owned an A4 1.9TDi Avant (estate) for the last 13 years of its 17 year life to date. In my 59 years this is only the 4th vehicle I have owned since age 23. The A4 is certainly the most durable vehicle I have ever known, with little or no bodywork corrosion. When any serious faults have occurred these have not been arrtibutable to the design or build quality but to the quality of the servicing done by certain 3rd party non dealership mechanics. I currently have no plans to replace this vehicle but to look after it and keep it since it has a simple engine and no problematic diesel particulate filter to contend with. Also my annual mileage is under 6000. The buikld quality and dependability of this vehicle have been truly amazing and it still continues to be a pleasure to drive, whilst being an eminently capable work horse; friends with newer trendier cars frequently call upon it to shift large bulky items for them. The economy can be as good as 61mpg long distance or about 40mpg on short urban runs, so even this continues to be impressive.

Unfair to use only lease firms stats. Very few eg will use Skodas. My Octavia, 4 yrs old, not a minute off road other than a puncture & servicing. Wife's Fabia @8yrs, broken coil springs only at an MOT otherwise never let us down.

I had an A4 followed by an A6 and never had a moment's trouble with either in 3 years.

Audi has been a dream car of minse since child hood. I can honestly say since I purchased my dream < biggest mistake of my life.Audi A4 Quattro only had the car a week RAC roadside and then all the way for over £ months and eventualy gave up and demanded it be returned to Dealership, That turned out to be the biggest emotional roller coaster and stress I have ever experienced followed by beig short changed for over 1000 pound ,bigger the reputation the bigger the arrogance from an elite prestige maker and most certainly not the most reliable