posted 6 years ago

Audi R8 is ‘Sporting Car of the Year 2013’

The fantastic Audi R8 has been named Business Cars ‘Sporting Car of the Year 2013’

The fantastic Audi R8 has been named Business Cars ‘Sporting Car of the Year 2013’. The readers of the magazine and website singled out the R8 for its strength of everyday usability and established desirability among the UK’s top level company car drivers.

Paul Barker, Editor at Business Car Magazine, explained why the R8 is a regular leader in this category “though most business cars are chosen with the head, brand image is becoming increasingly influential in the large population of company drivers able to choose their own car, and that’s where the Audi R8 has a crucial role to play in showing Audi’s sporting prowess and emotional appeal. This award shows the desire Audi has created for its products, and this kind of desirability sweeps across the range when business car drivers are selecting their next company car even if they can’t afford something as fabulous as an R8!”

Reality is £91,575, that is the starting price of the Audi R8 Coupe and prices rise to £115,575 for the 5.2 V10 Quattro, so this car is probably more desirable than accessible. The new R8 V10 plus is priced at £124,675 OTR for six-speed manual transmission models, or £127,575 OTR with the new S tronic gearbox, the R8 V8 Spyder starts at £100,225 and rises to £124,225 for the 5.2 V10 Spyder with S tronic. Recently the V8 and V10-powered R8 Coupé and soft-top Spyder ranges have undergone upgrades which include new design detailing, equipment upgrades, all-LED lighting for every version and the addition of an all-new 7-speed S tronic twin-clutch transmission delivering split-second shifts for even more exhilarating performance. A new 550PS, 197mph V10 plus model has also joined the Coupé range at its head.

James Douglas, Head of Fleet Sales at Audi UK, said “the R8 has proven itself to be a fantastic all-rounder many times and, as this highly-valued award shows, its breadth of talent extends well beyond the realms of the supercar that is only suitable for weekend use. For the R8 to receive this coveted award not once, but four times in as many years is a great achievement." Another Audi winner is the Audi A3 Sportback this attractive car was recognised for the significant advances in efficiency, quality and driver appeal it now brings to company car drivers, the Audi A3 Sportback secured third place in the Business Car of the Year category. Paul Barker said “an impressive weight loss programme has helped make the A3 more nimble and fun to drive than its predecessor, and has also helped lower emissions, while the cabin quality, always Audi strength, is even better than ever.”