posted 1 year ago

Audi Reveals Post Sale Benefits That Keep Your Car At Its Best

Audi initiatives that make it easy and cost effective to maintain a car - plus fashionable and fun accessories

Audi Service Price Match

The Audi Service Price Match, Health Check, Service Plan and accessories keep your car in prime condition and let you pick extras that integrate it further into your life. Consider Service Price Match, for starters. The manufacturer matches like-for-like quotes for service, maintenance, repairs and tyres. Quotes must be:

  • From competitors within fifteen miles of your Audi Centre
  • Confirmed in writing
  • For the installation of manufacturer parts only

Audi Health Check (including tyres)

Audi Health Check is a free safety inspection whereby the technician rates the condition of components by colour. Red confirms the item requires attention now. A dangerous tyre, perhaps. Amber proves it has to be addressed in the near future. Perhaps the battery is old. Green is a part performing at its best.

Checks relate to the: tyre tread depth, tyre pressure, tyre condition, instruments, horn, lights, seatbelts, windscreen washers, bodywork, glass, mirrors, wiper blades, fluid levels, drive belts, battery, brake pads, brake discs, brake hoses, dampers, steering, drive shafts, hoses, exhaust and fluid leaks.

Audi Service Plan

An Audi Service Plan comes in various forms for new and older vehicles. Rather than pay for such work as it is required, pay a lump sum at today’s prices - rather than tomorrow’s higher prices - to cover a set period. 2 years, perhaps. Alternatively, spread the cost of servicing your vehicle via the fixed, monthly, instalments. 

Perhaps your car is between 3 and 5 years old and its engine is less than 2.0-litres, for example. Pay £360 – or £20 per-month for 18 months – to cover its next 2 services. The price rises to £450 (£25 per-month) if the engine displacement is 2.0-litres or larger. 


Accessories make the car a larger part of your life. Some make a bold fashion statement to impress colleagues, family and neighbours. “I am successful and drive a prestigious vehicle”, perhaps. Others perform a practical or fun purpose. There is also the option to have the accessories gift wrapped. Prospects include:

  • Quattro umbrella (£24)
  • Children’s neck support pillow (£20)
  • USB music interface cable (£38)
  • Sport carbon keyring (£58)
  • R8 travel bag (£105)
  • Leather document case (£52)
  • R8 men’s chronograph watch (£699)
  • Large suitcase (£290)
  • Leather wallet (£194)
  • Ladies silk scarf (£97)
  • Unisex cap (£19)
  • Pencil case (£16)
  • Mug (£15)
  • Bluetooth speaker (£25)
  • Golf shoe bag (£27)
  • Children’s snow sledge (£37)
  • Foldable backpack (£15)