posted 4 years ago

Audi Service Price Match Explained

Audi Service Price Match Benefits

Audi Service Price Match ensures a vehicle is cared for by a specialist, manufacturer branded, dealer – but at local garage prices. The premise is simple. Audi guarantees not to charge "a penny more" for a like-for-like job than its competitors. This includes parts and labour; and relates to servicing, repairs, maintenance, and tyres.

Audi Difference: Nobody Knows A Car Like Its Manufacturer

Audi is the logical choice to care for one of its vehicle. It is, after all, the company that conceived, designed, produced, marketed and sold it. This guarantees insight and expertise. Audi also has the specialist diagnostic equipment and tools that are beyond the reach of most independents. Furthermore, it only fits branded components – rather than alternatives produced elsewhere – and all have a two year parts and labour warranty (excluding wear and tear items).

Audi emphasises that these benefits ensure the car "stays in great condition", and "could enhance its future resale value". Buyers pay a premium for a vehicle which has been maintained by a specialist.

How Often Should I Service An Audi?

There are two types of service schedule, fixed and flexible. Fixed best suits a vehicle that covers less than ten-thousand miles per-annum and is predominantly used for short, urban, journeys. This schedule – the manufacturer emphasises – is also for a car that frequently accelerates or brakes hard, or is regularly subjected to high engine loads such as towing or hill climbing. An oil change service is required every nine-thousand miles, or one year. 

A flexible schedule is for a car that covers more than ten-thousand miles per-year, typically on long motorway runs. An oil change service is necessary after a maximum of nineteen thousand miles, or two years.

Digital Service Schedule

The Audi Digital Service Schedule is a cutting edge means of recording a vehicle's service history. It ensures – for every car produced from November 2012 – that its history is stored electronically via a secure, online, database that can be accessed via a manufacturer dealer. It enables an interested party to cross reference the authenticity of any paperwork, and proves the vehicle has been maintained in line with the requirements of the warranty. Confirmation comes via a print out that can be stored with the car.

Audi Service Price Match Terms And Conditions

Audi requires a written quote from a competitor within fifteen miles to match a price. This must be presented in writing – printed or e-mail – within ninety days. It must only incorporate manufacturer parts. Tyres must be the same brand and have the same tread pattern, load/speed rating and markings. Prices must include fitting, valves, balancing, disposal and value added tax (VAT).