posted 7 years ago

Autumn Driving Tips

Driving in autumn can be as treacherous as a dodgy car salesman.

Driving in autumn can be as treacherous as a dodgy car salesman. As such, Simon Elstow from the Institute of Advanced Motorists has revealed his top tips for staying out of trouble:

- As it gets further into autumn and the temperature drops, clear your windscreens of condensation or ice before setting off. Always give yourself extra time to ensure you can see though your windows clearly before starting your journey.

- A patch of wet leaves can be as dangerous as hitting standing water. Take care and reduce your speed before driving onto them.

- As the days get shorter, remember to turn on your headlights before sunset and keep them on for an hour after sunrise so that it’s easier for drivers to see you in twilight.

- Autumn can take its toll on car batteries, keep the top of the battery clean and dry and make sure the terminals are tight and free from corrosion.

- If a battery is more than three years old, check it now; you might save yourself many a frustrating start to a morning.

- Make sure your wiper blades are in good condition. If they squeak as they wipe, they probably need replacing, and always make sure they are turned off before starting the ignition to save the blades and the risk of a blown motor fuse when the first frost hits.

Elstow said: “Remember that leaves can be slippery, especially when wet so avoid hard acceleration or braking as it can cause skidding. Be aware that there may be a dip, pothole or other road hazard hiding under the leaves covering the road, and hold the wheel firmly if you must drive over them.”