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Baby Aston Martin is no joke

A new car designed by Aston Martin based on the tiny Toyota iQ looks set to up the stakes in luxury accessories.

A new car designed by Aston Martin based on the tiny Toyota iQ looks set to up the stakes in luxury accessories. If you are not content with your Bentley Continental GT, and the associated Breitling watch, you can go one step further by buying a new Aston and forking out an estimated £20k for an additional 4 seater supermini!

Space in the Toyota iQ is limited, but four adults can sit in reasonable ‘comfort’. The ‘Cygnet’ as the car has been called, should help to ease the stress of city driving with a luxury interior, air conditioning and some bespoke touches, but most importantly, the right badge.

The model is far from a production car, with the press images still based on an unfinished mould, but the car looks fantastic, if a little surprising.

Perhaps we will see further collaborations from other manufacturers. What would a Mini with a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead front end look like?

This is all part of a growing trend among manufacturers to include high-priced small cars in their range. Audi are planning a mini rival in the new A1, and Ford and Toyota have launched the Fiesta and iQ at a premium price recently, allowing a sensible profit margin for a quality product, rather than a bargain basement price point.

The new Fiesta is the top selling car this year in the UK, so it is obviously working for Ford.

Find a new Supermini now.


I love it, I would buy one. Think it is a nice looking car. Perfect for us women wanting a small car with a sexy badge

i think its a nice little car, im sick of seeing the yaris and KA's,its a breath of fresh air.its perfect for young people and parents that want something different to the norm. well done,hope a sporty modle is produced also.

ugh - it make me want to die

A bit of simple math: Less weight = more speed. Small Car + Decent Spec + Plenty of Power = Lots of Fun! I'd certainly buy one if I was looking for a luxury-spec car!

I want a small car but I want it at a small price, 20k for that! No Chance. Skiggy

Great Idea!M-Benz have done well with the A10, so why shouldn't A-M try out the idea to get new customers onto the ladder. Sprinkle magic dust over the engine and fine tune the iQ's already good quality interior and it might just work. I look forward to it.

This is a not very funny joke!! If this is the new company owners idea of expanding the range - they are making a fundamental error. Why not go the full fig and make vans as well? How about an Aston Martin Transit Van?

I think it's great, I'd trade my Mazda in for one of these straight away, it's very metrosexual!

It's RIDICULOUS, frickin' eejit.

A brilliant marketing concept, but not rtaken far enough. Cygnet should be re-named Aston Martin Royale GT and designed to accommodate a single person and their toilet bag. Pricing should be around ££39k for the 27bhp larger-engined petrol version.

To be fair they need to do something. BMW, Merc, Audi all do them so lets see what happens. Make it look good, so more work needed and this could be another income stream. Merc make that awful A-Class thing... but I wouldnt turn down a an AMG because of it.

Sign of the times...manufacturers have to bring down their 'average' CO2 levels over their range of cars. Therefore a mass produced low emission car will provide that 'balance'...laughable really.

How times have changed! A.M. must be desperate if it has come to this. A sad sign of the times!

It's a fake. Look closely at the image it's composited

what a facinating idea how boring some stick in the muds there are out there where is your true British invention spirit gone? Aston could have let us have a peak at the interior ? what about it Guys lets see her insides .....

No, no, no, No, NO!

To Ben jgd, Top marks to Aston for spotting the budding niche market, give average Joe a taste of this top Marque..

This looks all too much like a publicity stunt - nothing more

Have they lost the plot? whilst the move may be to smaller cars, some of us still enjoy the fun and exhilaration of a proper car, and not something that just blends in with the rest. Hardly a head turner

Is someone with no iQ taking the rip here, if they launch this it will be a huge mistake, how long will it take before a DB9 has a Corolla engine, badged the ECO9 perhaps? If this gets on the roads, AM will have one less fan, doubt I will be the only one either? Are they going to shove a thumping big V8 into this joke? I'd like to see that corner in a hurry. Anyway, who in their right mind would spend 20k on that, its only a toy.

We are reverting back to the early sixties when pretty grills were added to the mini and it was re-badged as a "Riley Elf" or the trust Austin 1100 was given a walnut dash, picnic tables, leather seats and was a "Vanden Plas" Its a bit like seeing your favourate Aunt after a face lift...It's wrong and can only lead to bad stuff!

Not sure this is good for Aston brand image, but will probably be good for their bottom line. BMW are selling 1 to 7 series, so why not?I have always felt there should be luxury small cars. Why should I have to buy a large car with a large engine, so I can get the toys/comfort/equipment?

Aston did a version of the Metro back in the '80s, and it was hilarious. I'm glad they're only selling to existing owners though. Keeps out the Riff-Raff. And yes, I qualify to buy one...

i wound'nt say aston martin have elite band of owners ,footballers own them now so not so cool

Rediculous ! Can only destroy their image! I could understand a totally NEW car to compete with Maserati, but nothing else.

Rediculous ! Can only destroy their image! I could understand a totally NEW car to compete with Maserati, but nothing else.

see whats happened to jaguar since they started making cars in scouseland? thats what will happen to a.m if they release this afterbirth of a car on the world i wouldnt let a disabled person drive around in it.

The IQ might be a worthy car but it doesn't have a quality look and feel. The doors sound like dustbin lids when you close them , the rear parcel shelf is made of cardboard restrained by a piece of string attached to a piece of tin punched out of the door frame. The overall impresssion is that of a throwaway 'disposable'car. i don't think a fancy paint finish and handstitched leather is going to put lipstick on that particular pig.

I think this is a terrible idea. If aston release this car then they will destroy the brand image of beautiful fast cars that have an elite band of owners. A toyota IQ badged aston? The toyota is a good car but it is afterall a toyota so it isn't exactly performance based or good looking. I can't imagine james bond in this car which inevetably means it isn't right for Aston

What next, an elephant mouse hybrid??