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Ban After 2 Offences: Points For Using Hand-Held Mobile Could Double

Government Considers Tough New Penalty

The Government is considering increasing the penalty for using a hand-held mobile behind the wheel so a perpetrator is banned if caught twice in three years. As things stand, a motorist receives a one-hundred pound fine and three penalty points (unless the case is taken to court where the penalty can be higher). The proposal is to increase the points to six. This – as a driver is typically banned after receiving twelve points – would ensure that a two strikes and you are our rules applies. A newly qualified driver could be banned immediately as he/she only has to have six points. This proposal is backed by Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe - the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police – following the first increase in deaths/injuries from dangerous driving in the capital for more than a decade. Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin explained that he is considering a change as the: "amounts of casualties there have been are absolutely appalling". He told journalists that a: “person using their phone doesn't realise the danger they can be in”. Using a hand-held mobile: “ends up ruining different people's lives”, Mr McLoughlin added. The Transport Secretary concluded that despite a national fall in the number of road deaths and injuries in recent years: “one death is one to many”. 

Motorists Ignorant Of The Law

It has been illegal to use a hand-held mobile behind the wheel since 2003. This includes while the vehicle is stationary in traffic (if the engine is switched on). Since this time more than one million people have been convicted. The consequences of being caught can be serious – even if nobody is hurt - as penalty points can increase the cost of motor insurance, make it harder to find employment and rent a vehicle, etc. Despite the consequences a large proportion of drivers claim ignorance of the law. An RAC survey has, therefore, revealed that twelve percent do no know it is illegal to text behind the wheel. Twenty-one percent are unaware they cannot check social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It is, therefore, not surprising that fifty-three percent of drivers see others texting while stationary “half or some of their journeys”. Twenty-nine percent witness this offence “most journeys”. Furthermore, seventy-five percent report “regularly” seeing people talking on a hand-held mobile. Forty-four percent see this during “most” of their journeys. The proposed law – assuming it is enforced by the police – would ensure that this illegal and dangerous pass time becomes much more expensive.


Offenders should be forced to watch the film called 'seven pounds' starring Will Smith about the consequences of using his mobile/cell fone whilst driving. Affecting the lives of seven people. Look it up on IMDB.

Ban them for 5 years and a £2000 fine, thatll teach em.!!!

What about smoking when driving - open packet with one hand or perhaps two! - light it - drop it onto your lap, now that would be distracting. Where does it stop?

It should be a £500 fine and a 12 month ban for using a mobile phone whilst driving.

Yes, read the one about DISTRACTION and learn somehting, all of you self righteous sheep who of course, are never distracted behind the wheel; YOU BETTER STAY AT HOME because you are been distracted every second when you drive.

YEP, a Police State, Go for it you Sheep!

Quite clearly, no one has read any of the points made on this forum by the more educated among us, YEP the establishment have got you right in the palm of their hands, so go ahead and sign over your freedom to the establishment and support these profiteering police measures. As it was stated on this is the LAW of averages, YOUR DAY WILL COME when you will be prosecuted for some triviality and I hope it absolutely RUINS YOUR LIFE as it is to thousands of people right now.

I agree - handhelds behind the wheel are dangerous. The other day the woman in front was on a hand held and swerving all over the place! Made me drop my razor! It landed in my cornflakes! The milk went all over the newspaper I was reading!

Mobile driving. Cash cows I think not. Do these people who think along these lines actually drive. Also other argument about other distracions ie speedo roadsigns etc well these are not distractions but information. Now a phone call is a distraction I dont believe that you can concentrate on road while chatting. Ive seen cars veer from inside lane to outside in one unexpected manoeuvre only to discover person on phone. I know as a motorists we do get hammered but still think fine ban best idea. Seems only time we take notice is when our pockets can be hit

Yes its a good idea to make the punishment more severe But who is going to enforce this new law or any other.If the police/ goverment realy wanted to catch offenders they could set up a unit for the purpose all you need is a copper on any busy road they would not be able to keep up writing tickets.

It's high time people started to regard driving as something worth doing properly in its own right - not as an extension of their bloody office or somewhere to finish breakfast. Yes, I'd punish hand-held phone users, but did we really need another offence when we all see people taking liberties every day because there's no-one to stop them? Surely, driving one-handed mile upon mile constitutes driving without due care and attention anyway.

Let's stop pussyfooting with these dangerous idiots who cannot drive anywhere without the 'phone glued to their ear. Before mobiles arrived we all managed very well with just landlines. This dangerous practice has to be stamped out NOW! Ban drivers straight away as soon as they are caught,fine them heavily and shove loads of points on their licences. These idiots are putting innocent lives at risk just so they can yammer on the 'phone. The comments by Jake Humes are just as looney as David Icke. Why do all the people who are not allowed to practise their dangerous habits always think fines are just cash cows? Come on,Cameron,don't be afraid,put the boot in and take these fools off the road.

AJAJ, I too say you are right on many things you say but sorry, you are really missing the point. There is no greater pain than losing a loved one, no matter how it happens or who is to blame. Think of all those innocent families in Afghanistan and Pakistan who are being bombed every day by our governments. I cannot imagine there is any one person anywhere in the world who uses a mobile phone when driving with the intention of killing someone or themselves, but I can guarantee there are thousands of people who every day are plotting to kill people intentionally by whatever means. You are also tens of thousand’s of times more likely to be killed through medical negligence than you are being killed by someone using a mobile phone whilst driving. I think people should use a hands free kits but they are even going to ban them eventually just to get more money out of you.

AJ AJ you are right on many points but to some degree you are missing the point. I am not saying you should, but, if you are incapable of driving a car with a mobile phone in your hand then you are incapable of driving ‘period’; is the point that person made as there are hundreds of equally distracting things happening every few seconds when you are driving, so are you going to ban them all?

Let he who has never sinned cast the first stone! Here we go again... the ‘Good Doer’s’; those who never do anything wrong behind the wheel, probably unaware that they actually have more likely, and probably many times. Those who have no penalty points on their driving licence ‘YET’, and probably even unaware that they have been lucky enough to escape them more likely; Now you want more traffic police on our roads do you? Well, just wait, your day will come soon, when you get treat like a criminal, heavily fined, lose your licence, lose your job, lose your home and have other massive financial distress imposed upon you, let alone the physical and psychological strain placed upon you and your family for having done nothing more than... ‘ate an apple whilst driving’; ‘went 5+ miles per hour over the speed limit’; ‘had one sherry too many at the church fete’; ‘your tyre was slightly bald’; ‘you didn’t renew your card licence’; ‘you went up a one way street the wrong way’; and the hundreds of many other trivial motoring offences designed specifically so the traffic police can impose them upon you to rake in revenue, without a care of the consequences that will burden you for the rest of your life; all under the guise of “saving lives” bollocks. The Pharma Cartels are killing millions of people, slowly! Let he who has never sinned cast the first stone!

I am sure all those that are saying we are sheep and all this is some sort of government super plan to strip cash assets from the poor, poor motorist come from those people who mistakenly believe that using a handheld device, no matter how simple to operate does not affect their concentration and ability to drive. It does. And who wouldn't want something in place to deter motorists from doing something that could cause serious injury or death. Try telling the parents of a child that was killed by a white van man who was using a phone at the time he ploughed her down, that using a phone doesn't affect driver concentration. I really believe the world has become a selfish place. No-one takes responsibility for their actions any longer and when systems are put in place to punish those that cause the grief suddenly the government are accused of using this as a way of making money. Really?

I am also so sickened by the Unbelievably Naive Comments on this website that I will no longer be saying anything else on this website. Wake up you Good Doers and Self Righteous idiots, the system is bending you right over and bleeding you dry, they have no interest whatsoever in making our roads safe, you are just a cash cow and a job creator. I too am going to see David Icke at Wembley, but will all you sheep please just stay away as you are under the spell of the establishment and wouldn’t understand what he is saying anyhow!

I don’t just find it frightening but it also disgusts me that human beings have become so ‘Dumbed Down by the establishment that they actually believe that every single thing they do and say is for the good! God Help Us! As one of the more educated among us said on another forum. Just take all vehicles off the roads and bring the whole damned world to a standstill.

ONE MAN’S DISTRACTION IS ANOTHER MAN’S VITAL INFORMATION !!! Distraction to who is the question? Being distracted is actually an inability to focus on the primary objective! Distraction is also nothing more than a perception, our own individual perception of a distraction determines our ability or inability to use that information. One man’s anxiety is another man’s excitement. One man’s joy is another man’s pain. My advice to anyone who is susceptible to being easily distracted is to maybe consider not driving at all.

Yeh, the last guy is right, what doesn’t distract you when you are driving? They need to make speedometers illegal as taking your eyes off the road to look down at it every time you see something that resembles a speed camera, police car or speed sign is in itself very dangerous. Millions of motorists everyday taking their eyes off the road every few minutes to look at their speedometer, statistically that is billions of distractions every day. Ooooh Frightening! Ban Speedometers, Yeh mo more speed fines, YEH!

I use a hands free set but I have always said, if you cannot drive a car with a mobile in your hand, you are not capable of driving a car at all. What next? Points & Fines for changing a CD; Talking to passengers; Adjusting your temperature control; Looking at sexy people on the pathways; Picking your nose: Sneezing:; Where does it end?

What frightens me more than anything is what a previous person said, you are all SHEEP, you are brainwashed by the establishment. I am going to see David Icke at Wembley and I also suggest that all you SHEEP also go and learn a thing or two about our governments.

Yeh! I have saved all my life, my pension fund and endowments are less than 2/3rds what I have paid in. Criminal, but are the police knocking on the bankers doors, NO, just hitting the motorist Cash Cows as usually.

SHEEP SHEEP SHEEP Has anyone not seen a pattern emerging here? Wake up to reality man, you are being totally screwed! On these forums alone in just a month we have had...Impact of drug driving laws; DVLA launch ‘my licence’; New drink driving limits; Police seizing uninsured cars; Motorists frustrated with lack of police presence; On the spot fines for truckers exceeding hourly limit; Drivers affected by soaring pollen count; ETC; ETC. Quango, Quango, Quango. The governments have spent all our money... taxes, savings and pensions on their warmongering and are now trillions of pounds in debt. They are desperately thinking of new ways to tax us. FINES/PENALTIES ARE JUST TAX under the guise of “saving lives”. Remember, they couldn’t give a damn about saving lives, they are killing millions of us every year. Go see David Icke at Wembley 25th October 2014, and find out what is really going on in this world!

its a good idea but not enforceable, I think the chances of being caught are slight, I like most people have, been pulled out on, followed, nearly been hit by someone behind me, witnessed them weaving all over the road because they are on their mobile phone, if you should mention it to them you just get a barrage of abuse, it should be classed as dangerous driving or murder if a death is the result, after all they chose to use their phone!

In addition, we NEED many more police patrols that can catch these people flouting the law. Just an idea, if a camera catches someone speeding & it can be shown that they are their phone, clobber them NOT for speeding & 3pts but fro careless driving?

Re21/07/2014 17:04:27 bryan randall Commented: just a minute there aj where have you been for awhile I don't need to look at my phone I just say a name and it dials that number and I use hands free which makes that no different to speaking to a passenger" I also have a phone like this, but before you can instruct it, you still have to press an icon on the screen. Technically, even if the phone is in a dash/screen mounted holder, you are still not totally hands free - ok 1 press is better than scrolling for or typing a number, but you still touch the screen thereby taking your eyes off the road for a moment. Personally, I believe that these suggested sentences aren't stiff enough. The offence of driving a hand-held mobile should be re-classified as careless or dangerous driving (depending upon situation) as both these charges carry heavier penalties. Should it result in a death then is should be "Causing Death by Dangerous Driving" or "Manslaughter" it can't be murder as although the use of the phone is pre-meditated, the act of killing someone isn't!

Ban after 2 offences great idea. It is simply impossible to make/answer a phone call and drive safely. Someone needs to come up with an app that switches phone of when you enter vehicle as the driver. Alas im not that clever

Hands free mobiles suffer the same problem with varying sound taking more & more attention. Looking at the phone to find a contact or number is very dangerous, but the insidious transfer of attention from driving to the call is even more dangerous as it happens gradually. Though legal, hands free conversations are probably as dangerous as hand held? Comparison with talking to a passenger would not be relevant, as the passenger is aware, or should be (not always :) ) aware of the road conditions and when to break. Guess that if you are talking to a camera whilst driving, letting your attention go to the driving when needed and taking the scene again is not a problem? How many scenes go straight in the can on the first take?

Bryan Randall is wrong. It has been found in research that even using a hands free reduces your reaction times to the same as that of a drunk driver, whereas this does not occur with a passenger in a car. The reasons are not understood but these are demonstrable facts . Hence I NEVER use my phone whilst driving.

AJ AJ..Sorry your of track..If a person looking across the car to speak into a camera is not looking at the road most mobile user are looking ahead even as they chat. I raised a question re similar situation when CB radios were widely uses by all.. and a feature in local paper re a bus driver who drove a tourist coach all over UK and only had one arm..Every new car should have hands free Blue Tooth should be a permanent fixture.

This specific mobile phone law is pretty stupid - If a driver doesn't know what is safe to do while driving then they shouldn't be driving! It's not the specific activity you are doing , but how it effects your driving ability and when you are doing it. Texting in a stationary traffic jam is not dangerous, doing it while moving is another matter. The criteria should be simply do you have full control of the vehicle - if not then it should be 6 or 12 points and that includes talking to passengers, using a mobile or lighting a cigarette!

1 years ban for first offence, 2 years ban for second offence, life ban for third or more offences If there is a device that can be fitted to prevent people using their mobile phone whilst the engine is switched on make it mandatory have them fitted.

if these pricks who use there mob's while driving really had a brain, if they have, it must be up there ass. nobs the lot of them, bring back the birch.

This should include cyclists. I have been caused to swerve many times to avoid killing a cyclist who is riding one handed as they are deep in conversation.

Every day I see drivers using hand held mobiles, it does not matter what new laws and fines are introduced motorists will still brake the law because so many motorists are to put it plainly thick shits who do not give a damn about the laws of the road. Maybe if using a mobile while driving carried an automatic six month ban then and only then the number of people doing this MIGHT actually reduce!

just a minute there aj where have you been for awhile I don't need to look at my phone I just say a name and it dials that number and I use hands free which makes that no different to speaking to a passenger

As I travel a huge amount up and down motorways everyday of the week and must see 20-30 people a day on phones, one must ask where are the police? However I understand that there is a device that will stop any phone or mobile device being used in a car except via a factory fitted hands free unit. but it seems that the police and government are holding back on this device so one must ask why!!!! just fit them and this stops people being killed by drivers using a mobile phone.

Fines and points are not enough. If someone is killed by a drive whor is using a mobile phone, they should be tried for murder. After all it is pre meitated ! Motorists caught driving using a mobile phone should lose their licence for six months then more for repeats. The idiot "do gooders" have ruine this country because there is no deterrent to any crime !!!

A prize for anyone who sees a lorry driver NOT using a mobile phone or eating at the wheel!

Robbie Russell, the main difference is that in one situation you have both hands on the wheel and are merely speaking at something or someone. In the other situation you are having to look at a phone and use at least one hand to operate it. In this world of smartphones there is no longer any tactile feedback to each button. Instead, anyone texting on a smartphone, using twatter or whatever, has to look at the device in order to type into the thing. Research has shown that using a mobile device while driving is more dangerous than the driver driving while over the drink drive limit. Therefore, anyone caught using these devices should receive an instant ban. Please don't condone such use by drawing the parallel between merely talking at some device and using your hands to operate the device.

I think you should be rewarded every 3 years of non endorsements. So every 3 years you get 1 extra point given to you so you then have 13 points rather than 12. Reward careful drivers for once please

For what it would cost a motorist in a fine £100 and 3 points surly it's better to have hands free kit fitted or in new vehicles Bluetooth is used which means the driver is not using a mobile phone whilst driving. The other more common offence which is easier to prove is driver not in proper control of motor vehicle. If your holding the phone in your hand, or doing anything with it you commit the offence this also refers to sat navs. So be very careful whilst driving.

It should of been in place years ago. It might have saved someones life, and the devastation caused to their family. The police need man power to patrol the roads, etc, but due to the recent cuts, they are struggling to cover all avenues.

Lighting up and smoking a cigarette is just as dangerous. So is using a sat nav and eating. Even talking on hands free is distracting. But they are all legal!!!

Can someone tell me the difference between a person driving and using a mobile and someone driving along speaking into a mounted camers on the passenger side like you see ploice doing, or Adam driving around in country file or in Documentary Films etc.

I think the key phrase in this article is "assuming it is enforced by the police". In my opinion, if the current law was more rigorously enforced there would be no need to increase the penalties. The offenders would be disqualified anyway for repeated use, and therefore repeated convictions, for the offence