posted 9 years ago

Bargain Bangers for £1,500

Fancy a bargain banger for £1,500?

Fancy a bargain banger for £1,500? If so, peek into's used car database as this is the natural habitat of fantastic value vehicles. For example, the second generation Ford Mondeo, which was produced from 1996 - 2000, was one of the best vehicles in its class at launch and even today is a worthy workhorse. Therefore it has decent handling, a wide range of engines, three body styles, and high-spec versions have plenty of gadgets.

Alternatively, those who prefer more luxurious vehicles may fall for the charms of the Vauxhall Omega (1994 - 2003). This rear-wheel-drive saloon and estate range is available with various refined engines, including V6 configurations. These complement the Omega's smooth automatic and manual transmissions. Both body styles have plenty of cabin space, but the estate is more versatile as it has the storage capacity of a cargo ship. High-end models have plenty of toys too, and every version handles well and has a comfortable ride.

The final £1,500 bargain is – drum roll please – the Ford Puma (1997 - 2002). This pint- sized coupe is based on the Fiesta so it has confident handling, reassuring reliability, and low running costs. Importantly in this class it also has stylish good looks, attention grabbing acceleration in 1.7-litre guise, and creditable handling. So, despite its age and rock-bottom value, the Puma suits motorists who want something with x-factor.

New vehicles can be beyond the reach of cash conscious buyers, but there is no need to cruise around in a rusting heap. Clearly, £1,500 cannot buy the latest or greatest machinery, but those who choose carefully can still own a decent car. Happy shopping.