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Benefits Of Buying A Ford Approved Used Vehicle

Ford warranty, roadside assistance, pre-sale inspection, history check, exchange plan and hologram explained.

Ford Direct & Ford Approved

The Ford Approved Used Programme enables you to purchase a high quality, good value, second-hand vehicle direct from its manufacturer. It is, therefore, prepared and sold by brand specialists to ensure it is reliable and meets your needs. The vehicle sits in one of two categories: Ford Direct / Ford Approved.

Benefits of Ford Direct

A Ford Direct vehicle is nearly new which is reflected by its specification, styling and condition. It also comes with various benefits that provide peace of mind. Consider the highlights below.

  • The Two Year, Unlimited Mileage, Warranty ensures that the vehicle is fixed – free of charge – if a manufacturing or material defect causes it to malfunction. It covers most original parts and there is no limit to the number of claims.
  • The Two Year Ford Assistance is your back-up if the vehicle has a punctured tyre, for example. This European cover includes: roadside assistance, home assistance and vehicle recovery. It is available twenty-four hour per-day, every day.
  • The Thirty Day Exchange Plan enables you to return the car within thirty days or one-thousand miles of purchase (whatever is sooner). This might, for example, be necessary if you have a change of lifestyle that makes an alternative more suitable.
  • Ford's Exacting Standards Philosophy ensure your vehicle is thoroughly inspected and prepared. Even its tool kit is checked. Imperfections are fixed via a reconditioning process.
  • Seven Day Drive Away Insurance makes the manufacturer responsible for insuring your  vehicle - at least initially. It is, therefore, legal from the moment of collection and you have more time to transfer insurance from an existing vehicle.
  • The RAC Inspection – that comes from an independent organisation - ensures your car receives a certificate to confirm its: model, chassis number, registration and mileage.
  • The Ford Direct Hologram confirms the car is to manufacturer standard. It sticks to the windscreen and is tamper resistant. 
  • The HPI and National Mileage Register Check reveals important facts. It proves that the vehicle is not subject to outstanding finance so likely to be repossessed, for example. It is not written-off, either. It also suggests the mileage reading is accurate. Information come via independent sources.
  • Full-Service History which optimises performance.

Benefits of Ford Approved

A Ford Approved car tends to be slightly older. It still comes with a reassuring range of benefits, though. Note the highlights below.

  • Seventy-Five Point Inspection (issues rectified if necessary),
  • Full Service History (proves long-term care),
  • HPI and National Mileage Register Check,
  • Manufacturer Warranty (balance of),
  • One Year Ford Assistance (European),
  • Thirty Day One-Thousand Mile Exchange Plan,
  • Seven Day Drive Away Insurance.

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