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Bentley Upgrade Packs - Make Your Car Truly Yours

Bentley accessories that help your car make the ultimate statement.

How Upgrade Packs work

Bentley Upgrade Packs enable you to personalise a vehicle to reflect your personality, make it unique and ensure it is truly yours. The manufacturer, therefore, provides a means to take control of your image whether the car was purchased new or pre-loved. The Packs come in three categories: “Drive, Look and Feel” and are for Continental Series (2004-2011) & Continental Range (2011-2015) models. 

“Drive” extras optimise the driving experience, “Look” extras, in contrast, enhance the exterior and interior styling and “Feel” extras help you feel more connected with the car.

Continental GT Speed (2008)

The Continental GT Speed is one of the vehicles that can be personalised to reflect your specific requirements. The “Look” highlights include a Sports Styling Pack that “adds a sporting dynamic look”, the manufacturer explained. It incorporates a dual vented bonnet and a sports bumper. Prices start from £7,258.

“Drive” category enhancements include the Ice Speed Record (ISR) Exhaust. It is inspired by Juha Kankkunen who, in 2011, broke the world speed record - on ice - in one of the brand's cars. It produces a more potent, sportier, note than a standard exhaust to further stir the soul. All for £1,952.

Continental GT Speed “Feel” extras include a Sports Gear Lever that costs £269. It is inspired by Bentley's racing heritage, so has hallmark knurling around it’s bezel to increase grip for a “more engaging experience”, Bentley explained. It is finished in the hide colour that best suits your car's interior trim and finish.

Continental GT Convertible (2015)

The Continental GT Convertible can be optimised to suit your personality too. Consider Carbon Fibre Ceramic Brakes, for example. This “Drive” category extra offers “virtually fade-free performance” and is the ”greatest braking system of any production car in the world”, the manufacturer claimed. It costs from £15,360.

The Blackline Specification is a “Look” category that replaces the exterior key lower body chrome with black equivalents. Core features include a black: headlamp surround, radiator surround, lower bodywork trim and door handle inserts. This combination – that costs £1,678 – guarantees a more hard-core look.

Continental GT Convertible “Feel” extras include a Steering Wheel Upgrade. The wheel incorporates integrated controls for systems such as: cruise control, the driver information panel, phone and stereo volume. It is finished in a hide or veneer based on your preferences and personality. The price is “on application”.

How to choose

The Upgrade Pack website makes it easy to browse the wide range of accessories for your Bentley. Simply visit the site - at – click "continue", then pick your model from a list or provide its registration number (or VIN).